Available for a Limited Time: Large Calacatta Marble Original Slabs

Available for a Limited Time: Large Calacatta Marble Original Slabs

March 27, 2014

When our stone experts in Italy came across these gorgeous, uniquely sized Calacatta Marble Original slabs, we knew this was one opportunity we couldn’t pass by!

Large Calacatta Original

 Rare and uniquely sized Calacatta Marble Original; photo via Marble and Granite, Inc.

These extraordinary slabs, measuring 154-in. by 74-in. are in stock now at our showrooms in Westwood,MA and Milford,CT, while supplies last.

Featuring a pure white background with warm grey veining, the slabs are polished on one side and honed on the other. And they’re a perfect example of why we have Marble and Granite, Inc. professionals stationed all around the world—to help us spot the best of the best and offer our customers these distinctive and rare opportunities when they arise. We knew that if we hesitated on these particular slabs, they would be long gone!  It was an investment we were very happy to make.

These slabs are perfect for use in a very large kitchen, for example on an oversized kitchen island. They’d also be a beautiful choice for a large fireplace surround or on the walls of an expansive shower. Keep in mind that these are 2 inches thick so you would want to discuss this option with your contractor.

A gorgeous and desirable stone, Calacatta Marble Original is known for its distinctive thick, bold veining and its precious rarity. The size of these slabs makes them even more special. For the right project, these slabs will provide the luxurious appeal that’s expected from Calacatta in a large format that exudes elegance!

If your working on a project that calls for larger marble slabs, come in to visit these beautiful slabs for yourself. They look even luxurious in person! Just as we knew they wouldn’t last long in Italy, we’re sure these slabs will be in high demand. Call us at 877-39-STONE for more details and information.



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