Tile Style

Tile Style

March 25, 2014

Natural stone tile is an incredibly versatile and popular choice for surfacing these days. From kitchen floors, backsplashes, and shower walls in the home to bathrooms, lobbies and restaurants in commercial locations, natural stone tile offers a way to uniquely express a distinctive personality or theme. We’re often asked: “What’s in style with tile?” So, here’s a summary of the latest trends we’re seeing at Marble and Granite, Inc.  


Bianco Carrara tiles

Bianco Carrara on floors by Don Foote Contracting; photo via Houzz

The top trend in tile today is larger, more rectangular shapes. Designers have pointed out that there are actually several advantages to this format. They report that rectangular tiles allow for more design options since they offer a visual contrast to traditional square tiles. Linear tiles used vertically on walls can actually help to add height and openness to a space, and large format tiles mean fewer grout lines. (A huge advantage since nobody wants to deal with cleaning dirty grout!) Plus, larger tiles can actually help to make a small room appear bigger.

Tile size is growing bigger and bigger in both commercial and residential projects alike.  Designers like the “open” aesthetic that it brings to their projects and appreciate the natural beauty that large stretches of stone can bring. How large is large, you might ask? Well, in commercial applications, designers can sometimes choose tiles that measure by the foot rather than the inch. But, so far, homeowners seem to be a bit more hesitant to go that “large and in charge.” At Marble and Granite, the most commonly requested size is 12-in. by 24-in.

Bianco Statuario tile

 Floors in Bianco Statuario by The Wiese Company; photo via Houzz

Another noteworthy tile combination sees designers combining “stripes” in very subtly contrasting colors. More of a tone-on-tone look, it often utilizes a mixture of finishes, sizes, or textures to create a look that’s very clean, crisp, and elegant. White is always a very popular color choice, especially in kitchens and baths. Bianco Carrara and Bianco Statuario are a few of our best-selling whites that would be beautiful standing alone or mixed and matched for tonal contrast.

Another very popular tile choice is limestone with a more bluish hue, such as Gasgogne Blue and Azul Lagos.

And, of course, neutrals like Travertino Cream, Leblon and Ataija Cream, ever go out of style.


Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil used in remodeling by Nathan J. Reynolds-Poulin; photo via Houzz 

Want to know more about the latest in tile? Check out our complete inventory of tile online or visit one of our showrooms. We’re also happy to answer any of your questions right here on our blog. Feel free to drop us a line below. 


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