Neolith Now Comes in 3 Distinctive Finishes

Neolith Now Comes in 3 Distinctive Finishes

September 23, 2014

The availability of three new finishes now makes ultra-compact Neolith a truly versatile design choice. Recognized for its durability, it also now offers increased design flexibility.

Beton Riverwashed

Neolith now comes in three finishes including Riverwashed; photo of Beton via THESIZE

Until now, Neolith has been available only in Satin finish for all colors. Recognizing the need for additional finishes to meet the needs of designers, builders, and architects alike, the company invested much time and effort in developing new finishing techniques. The three finishes now available include:

Polished: The look of concrete with the texture of marble, the Polished finish provides a surprising result that adds a touch of shine, depth and reflection. Bringing elegance to any project, this finish is available on colors in the Classstone Collection and other colors indicated in the following summary chart.

Silk: To create the soft-to-the-touch Silk finish, the company sprays the slab with Neolith Airless Pistol (NAP) Technology. The result is a silky texture that’s especially great for interior flooring applications. The extra layer helps prevent stains and makes cleaning easier. Silk finish is available for several colors in the Fusion, Colorfeel, and Classtone Collections.

Riverwashed: Evolved from the company’s existing Riverwashed option, the new finish provides increased depth and roughness to the surface. Similar to a brush hammered or aged finish, it’s now available for various colors in the Fusion and Colorfeel collections.

NEOLITH Summary Table 2015

Neolith Color/Finish Chart 2015The new finish variety, plus a recently announced new 6mm thickness, enhances the list of attributes offered by this ultra slim, lightweight material. Of its many benefits, Neolith is waterproof, scratch, stain, UV, cold, heat, and fire resistant. It’s also incredibly strong, durable and easy to maintain. It can be used on virtually any surface, ceiling to floor, inside or out.

 NEOLITH Summary Table 2015

Neolith New Color Chart 2015

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