Design Trends: Closet Countertops

Design Trends: Closet Countertops

April 16, 2015

Of course natural stone countertops in the kitchen or bath are a status symbol of sorts. But there’s another area trending when it comes to countertops—the closet. Granted, we’re talking about large homes with roomy walk-in closets. And it’s certainly a luxury. But these closet countertops add a new element of functionality that’s getting lots of attention these days.


                                        An exquisite closet island design by MMO Designs; photo via Houzz 

In some closets, natural stone countertops are simply nestled inside corner shelving or perched above a lower garment rack. In others, gorgeous stone countertops sit on huge closet storage centers, complete with drawers and pull-outs that would rival any kitchen island. They take up a lot of space, but typically these are found in homes that have room to spare. For those fortunate enough to have these luxurious organizing outlets, the benefits are well worth it.

                                         Natural stone closet countertop by Peter Salerno, Inc; photo via Houzz

A closet countertop makes a great place for folding laundry. It’s also a great place to organize accessories and jewelry or even store perfumes and cologne. Yes, these countertops are functional, but make no mistake…they’re designed for looks as well. Think of how kitchen and bath cabinetry have evolved into what looks more like “furniture” now than the bland cabinetry of the past. This “furniture” style cabinet trend has now made its way into the closet, which is perhaps the last frontier in home design. 

Closet islands can be as simple as flat-panel cabinets topped with quartz or as ornate as hand-carved maple cabinets with Italian marble. On the more ornate end, we’re seeing intricate chandeliers hanging above and even vases of fresh-cut flowers placed in the middle.

If you or your clients are planning a walk-in closet countertop, be sure to visit us at Marble and Granite, Inc. We’ll show you a variety of natural stones in a rainbow of colors to create just the right one-of-a-kind look.


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