Where in the World is Pietra del Cardosa?

Where in the World is Pietra del Cardosa?

August 13, 2015



 Pietra del Cardosa  countertop and sink by Marble & Granite, Inc.

It sounds like the name of a beautiful Italian vacation destination, but you won’t find Pietra del Cardosa  on a map. You’ll find it in the ground. This granite, which is sometimes confused with Soapstone, is found only in the Italian Apuan Alps. A deep blue/gray stone, Pietra del Cardosa  can be used on exteriors for cladding and pavers and interiors for walls, floors, countertops, and even wet areas. It’s even completely appropriate for heavy traffic areas.

The quarry that yields Pietra del Cardosa  is in the village of Stazzema, which stretches out between the villages of Pruno, Cardoso, Stazzema, Mulina, and Pomezzana (approximately 80 miles to the Northwest of Florence.)


Pietra del Cardosa  countertop and sink by Marble & Granite, Inc.

Soapstone and Pietra del Cardosa  are both metamorphic rocks. But Pietra del Cardosa is a sandstone, not a soapstone. It’s made from fragments of granite particles. Due to its mineral composition, it has a notable compactness and toughness. However, Pietra del Cardosa is not as dense as soapstone, so it does need to be properly sealed to protect against stains.

It does have a look similar to soapstone, however Pietra del Cardosa  is completely unique. Much like soapstone, the use of Pietra del Cardosa as a construction material dates back to ancient times. Its abrasion resistance is on the low side, so some light scratching will occur. Over time, Pietra del Cardosa will develop a unique patina that some prefer. When it’s used as a countertop material, you should always use a cutting board to prevent excessive scratching. When used as flooring, use entry mats to reduce abrasion from grime and dirt.

If you are considering soapstone or Pietra del Cardosa , we highly recommend that you pay us a visit to see these materials in person. Let Marble & Granite, Inc. show you the various slabs we have in stock at our two New England showroom locations  Call us at 877-39-STONE to make an appointment.


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