Cold Weather Inspires Hot Color in ColorQuartz

Cold Weather Inspires Hot Color in ColorQuartz

December 10, 2015


 Office desk/table in Frost White by ColorQuartz. Photo via ColorQuartz

White is one of the hottest countertop colors right now. And while you might not necessarily be looking forward to the impending snow this winter—especially if you’re with us here in New England, there’s no denying that the ice and snow that come along with winter have inspired some pretty cool colors in quartz surfacing.

ColorQuartz, our favorite brand of quartz surfacing, offers two distinctive—and beautiful—shades of white: Iceland and Frost White


 ColorQuartz in Frost White 

Frost White is as pure as the driven snow. A clean and crisp shade of white, Frost White is part of the company’s 900 Series. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for a simple, unadulterated white. It’s classic in the way it’s reminiscent of traditional white marble, but it’s edgy since it’s a quartz product that won’t stain or scratch. Plus, it never needs to be sealed, unlike marble.


 ColorQuartz in Iceland

Iceland on the other hand, features speckles of gray and white/clear particulate throughout. The white/clear pieces look like chunks of ice embedded inside the material while the gray specks help add a bit of warmth. Still a bright and clean white, Iceland adds a bit more texture to the surface while retaining the classic look and feel of white marble


 Kitchen countertop in Iceland by ColorQuartz. Photo via ColorQuartz

This winter, the weather outside may be frightful, but your countertops, vanities, tub surrounds, fireplace surrounds, and more can be delightful. Stop by either one of our two New England showrooms to see the entire collection of ColorQuartz. And if you’d rather not be reminded of the snow, there are plenty of tropical beach and desert sand-inspired colors as well. Let our expert stone and surfacing professionals help you choose the color that works best for your next project.


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