Non-Porous ColorQuartz Perfect for Medical Design

Non-Porous ColorQuartz Perfect for Medical Design

February 17, 2015

Quartz is one of the most popular choices for residential kitchen and bath countertops today. Products such as ColorQuartz are engineered to be exceptionally durable as well as scratch-, heat-, and stain-resistant. But the virtues of quartz surfacing are also now recognized by designers and architects in the medical construction realm as well, and are now a top choice in this sector too.


Durable, stain-resistant, and non-porous, ColorQuartz is ideal for medical applications such as exam tables, waiting rooms, restrooms, and more. Photo by ColorQuartz.

ColorQuartz is made from 93-percent natural quartz combined with the highest quality polyester resins and pigments. The material is then pressed into very dense slabs. The result is a non-porous material. Basically, this means that there’s no way for tiny particles, such as germs or bacteria, liquid, or even air, to penetrate the surface and harbor bacteria.

Designers of healthcare facilities require materials that offer reliability, superior performance, and quality. Quartz surfaces like ColorQuartz are highly regarded in medical construction, where it’s important to use surfaces that help foster a safe and healthy environment. Since quartz can actually help stop the spread of bacteria, it’s commonly used in doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, public restrooms, emergency rooms, dental facilities, and more. It’s a great choice for restrooms, reception desks, waiting room tables, exam room sinks, working areas, lab table, or just about any surface that’s going to come into contact with a patient or caregiver.

In addition to offering protection against the spread of bacteria and germs, ColorQuartz is stain- and scratch- resistant. Since it’s non-porous, chemicals that may be used in a lab environment won’t damage it. Plus it never needs to be sealed or reconditioned. The beauty of ColorQuartz will last for a long time…well into the product’s life cycle.

If you’re a designer working on a healthcare facility, visit Marble and Granite, Inc. to learn more about the sanitary benefits of ColorQuartz. If you’re a homeowner, the medical community’s reliance on quartz should provide some reassurance that you’re selecting a fantastic product for your kitchen or bath remodel. Either way, visit us to experience the creative solutions quartz has to offer.


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