The Top 4 Advantages of ColorQuartz Surfacing

The Top 4 Advantages of ColorQuartz Surfacing

January 13, 2015

Quartz surfacing has been steadily gaining market share over the past few years as architects, designers, and homeowners learn how much this material has to offer. Unlike 100-percent natural surfacing such as marble or granite, quartz is chemical, stain, chip, and crack resistant. It’s non-porous and never needs sealing, plus manufacturing processes have come a long way.

At Marble and Granite, Inc. the brand of quartz surfacing material we recommend is ColorQuartz. The company uses 93-percent crushed quartz, combined with high-quality polyester resins and pigments. They use heat and pressure to compact these materials into dense slabs that are actually four times stronger and more flexible, plus twice as impact-resistant as natural stone. Plus, it’s virtually maintenance-free (just wipe it with a damp cloth.)

But that’s not all. Here are the top four reasons why we love ColorQuartz …

4. It’s Natural

Made with natural quartz—one of nature’s hardest minerals— ColorQuartz Surfaces retain the qualities of this amazing stone and offer many other advantages including: stain resistance, no porosity, and exceptionally low maintenance. Since it’s made from natural quartz, ColorQuartz is strong, durable, and made to resist breakage. The high endurance and durability will protect your countertop’s original beauty for years to come.

Calypso Brown ColorQuartz

Calypso Brown ColorQuartz; photo via ColorQuartz

3. It’s Stylish, Yet Classic

ColorQuartz offers a broad array of beautiful and versatile colors. From warm and inviting to bold and distinctive, each color is carefully formulated to ensure the right consistency, depth, and richness, making your creative designs come to life.

Terra Brown ColorQuartz

ColorQuartz in Terra Brown; photo via ColorQuartz

2. Creative Patterns                                                                                                

ColorQuartz offers a lineup of surfaces filled with fascinating patterns created from adding recycled materials such as glass mirrors, crystals, and other natural materials to the manufacturing process. All patterns are filled with harmonious movement and many look deceptively similar to natural stone.

Coffee Bean ColorQuartz

Coffee Bean ColorQuartz; photo via ColorQuartz

And the number one advantage of ColorQuartz …

1. An Emphasis on Perfection

Leading the movement toward cleaner, safer surfacing materials, ColorQuartz engineers each surface with advanced technology. The surfaces are compressed and compacted under intense vibration and heat pressure to create a hard, non-porous surface. This makes ColorQuartz non-absorbent, highly resistant to stains, and very easy to clean. ColorQuartz Surfaces are tested, assuring that our surfaces are one of the best choices you can make for surfacing applications.


Concrete Grey ColorQuartz

With ColorQuartz, you’ll experience precision and beauty for years to come.

We feel that ColorQuartz is the most practical choice for residential, hospitality, and commercial interior applications. Want to learn more? Visit our website or come into one of our showrooms for a personal lesson on the virtues of ColorQuartz.


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