The Allure of Greek Marble

The Allure of Greek Marble

July 02, 2015

Although Greece and the country’s escalating debt crisis is front-page news these days, it’s hard to think about Greece and not think about the nation’s rich history of marble quarrying. In fact, some of the most popular natural stone materials we offer at Marble and Granite, Inc. originate from Greece. Though the country’s financial future may be uncertain, there is no doubt about the beauty found beneath the earth in the form of the world’s most beautiful marble.


Bathroom vanity featuring Skyros marble quarried in Greece. Photo from Marble and Granite, Inc.

Since the time of Greece’s ancient civilization, marble has been considered an excellent building material. Whether polished, honed, flamed, sandblasted, tumbled, or antiqued, marble makes an immediate impression. Whether used in residential or commercial projects, inside or out, marble has been synonymous with elegance for centuries. 

A metamorphic rock made from limestone, marble is formed by extreme heat and pressure deep within the earths crust. It contains calcite, dolomite, or a combination of the two, and it’s the presence of different minerals that give marble its variations in color and tone.

Marble deposits exist virtually all over Greece, but one major production area in particular is Drama-Kvala-Thassos. Widely known as the “Carrara” of Greece, this mountainous area holds huge deposits of white and semi-white marble. Thassos White is one example of the Greek marbles quarried here.

Polished Thassos White marble tile in 12” x 12” x 3/8”; photo via Marble and Granite, Inc.

Often thought to be the whitest and brightest white marble in the world, Thassos White is a Greek marble of crystal white—sometimes so brilliant that it appears as pure as a blanket of snow. 



Skyros Gold marble Slab; photo from Marble and Granite, Inc.

Skyros Gold is another Greek white marble. But rather than pure, driven-snow white, Skyros Gold features a golden buttery hue, sometimes with grey veining.


French Vanilla marble slab; photo from Marble and Granite, Inc.

Another Greek white marble that we carry at Marble and Granite, Inc. is French Vanilla. Though the primary shade of French Vanilla is white, it also contains hints of light beige and grey.

Greek marble is a fascinating material that has been put to many breathtaking uses throughout history. Are you looking for a white marble with a rich heritage and a reputation for longevity? Visit us at Marble and Granite, Inc. where we’ll be happy to show you our inventory of Greek marble, or any other material you’d like to explore.


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