Cabinet Trends: Furniture-like Features Growing in Popularity

Cabinet Trends: Furniture-like Features Growing in Popularity

June 19, 2015

Occasionally adding an existing hutch or dresser into the kitchen or bath has evolved into building actual kitchen and bath cabinets that look like pieces of furniture. The secret is in the details.

While there is an overall trend toward simplicity and function when it comes to cabinetry, at the same time cabinets are more elegant than ever before. Not only do consumers want cabinets to perform at a higher level in strength and durability, but they also have to look the part. Incorporating exquisite furniture-style details into the mix provides the personality consumers are looking for.

Exquisite “furniture style” cabinetry with Matrix Granite countertops in a brushed finish by Venegas and Company; Photo via Houzz

Granted, these details are a bit more restrained and smaller scaled than they were a decade ago. Lines are simpler and less convoluted. Furniture-style details can be as simple as adding leg details to an island or as elaborate as making your refrigerator look like an armoire. 

Since consumers are paying more attention to cabinetry details than ever before, cabinet designers are constantly finding new ways to raise the bar and create truly unique spaces. Bulky islands are now being transformed into open, airy worktables by removing the base and replacing it with elegantly turned legs. And furniture style drawer pulls and door handles help bring the atmosphere of the living room into the kitchen or bath.

Other common details consumers are choosing for kitchen and bath cabinets include moldings, frames, carved feet, undercounter corbels, crown moldings, turned legs, and raised panels. Cabinet doors are incorporating details such as gothic-styled arches and glass door fronts. Sinks are even featuring detailed decorative carved “skirts.”

Beautifully detailed custom bath vanity with marble top by Roomscapes Luxury Design Center; Photo via Houzz

Integrated appliances are another element of the movement to furniture-style kitchen cabinetry. Blending refrigerators and dishwashers seamlessly into cabinetry makes the kitchen feel more like the other living areas in the home.

Finishes help cabinetry look more like furniture too. There’s a growing interest in deep, rich browns influenced by the furniture industry. Chocolate and mocha tones are now being seen in new furniture collections, whereas now light woods are viewed as less formal.

When it comes to selecting countertops for these furniture-styled cabinets, classic marbles and granites are a terrific choice. But don’t count out engineered surfaces such as ColorQuartz or even ultra slim Neolith. Both offer increased durability, plus designs and patterns have come a long way. It’s entirely possible to have a surface that looks as great as Carrara Bella with all the strength of quartz.

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