Create Your Own Work of Art With Bianco Statuario

Create Your Own Work of Art With Bianco Statuario

June 25, 2015

Once reserved for the interiors of grand palaces and estates, today white marbles such as Bianco Statuario are readily available and add the perfect touch of elegance to homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, lobbies, shopping malls, restaurants, cruise ships, building exteriors, and more.


Luxurious and dramatic, Bianco Statuario is a classic stone that’s been used in construction, and statuary, for centuries; photo via Houzz

Luxurious and dramatic, Bianco Statuario is a classic stone that’s been used for centuries. In fact, it’s one of the most popular materials in the world for kitchen countertops. It’s a truly timeless choice for walls, and flooring as well. If you’re thinking about using Bianco Statuario, or any other white marble, there are a few things to know before you make your final choice…

• Bianco Statuario is primarily white in color. However it has distinctive veining that can range from light to dark grey. Remember, no two marble formations are ever the same. But it’s the uniqueness of each marble slab that can result in distinguished luxury.

• To keep it looking fabulous, marble will always need to be sealed both prior to its first use and then regularly throughout its lifetime.

• To keep stains to a minimum, always be sure to clean up any spills immediately. Acids, oils, and deeply colored liquids (such as beet juice or wine) can penetrate the stone and leave undesirable stains.

• Always use a non-abrasive, neutral cleaner to clean your marble.

• Marble etching takes place when acid reacts with any present calcium carbonate in the stone. It literally eats away a tiny bit of the surface creating dull spots. These dull spots are known as etches. For example, a splash of lemon juice or drop of tomato sauce will leave a subtle mark. Not an actual stain, etching is more like a scratch. And it’s not necessarily a discoloration; it’s a dulling. To help disguise etching, consider going with a honed finish.

• Always check out the abrasion resistance rating of your marble. For those with lower abrasion resistance, ratings, you can expect the material to take on a patina over time.

• And finally, when choosing a marble, be sure you investigate at least three samples in order to be sure you’re selecting the right color variation and pattern that speaks to you most.


One of our most popular natural stones, Bianco Statuario is a favorite choice for countertop surfacing. Photo via Houzz.

At Marble and Granite, Inc., we have an array of varying sizes and thicknesses of Bianco Statuario in stock, including: 

24” x 12” x 3/8” tiles 

12” x 12” x 3/8” tiles

2” thick slabs 

2cm thick slabs 

3cm thick slabs

At Marble and Granite, Inc., our stone experts inspect each slab of beautiful marble, ensuring only the very best will find its way to your countertop or fireplace surround. We feature rare and precious Italian marble varieties including Bianco Statuario. Check out our Online Inventory or call 877-39-STONE to speak to our highly professional sales team.


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