Is Beige the new Black?

Is Beige the new Black?

June 09, 2015

Not exactly. But shades of beige, taupe, cream or off-white paired with black cabinetry is a hot look right now!

Here’s a great example using stunning Fantasy Brown Quartzite with dark bathroom cabinets:

Bathroom design by Michael James Design, Inc. in Methuen, MA; Photo via Houzz

In this case, the Fantasy Brown offers the look of marble with the durability of granite. It offers contrast to the dark cabinets while avoiding the brightness of a white marble or granite. 

At Marble and Granite, Inc., Fantasy Brown is a popular choice for both commercial and residential interior projects. Quarried from northern India, Fantasy Brown is ideal for floors, walls, backsplashes, countertops, fireplaces, vanities, tub surrounds, and showers too. Fantasy Brown features a diagonal movement with brown veining. It’s offset with shades of cream and white giving this material a subtle yet dramatic look.


Actually a quartzite, Fantasy Brown is one of Marble and Granite, Inc.’s top sellers.

Since it’s a quartzite, Fantasy Brown is a very hard surface. This makes it ideal for kitchen and bath countertops. However, do be aware that quartzites may easily etch in some areas. Etching (or cutting and scratching into unprotected surfaces,) can be caused by acidic liquids or other substances. Etching happens where traces of calcium carbonate (a substance that reacts very easily to acid) are at the surface. Mild etching stays smooth to the touch and can be removed with a polishing powder. But deeper etches may remain rough and cloudy looking. Now, quartzite does have a very high absorption rating, which means you have more time to clean up spills before etching actually occurs. But the etching is something to be aware of if you go with a quartzite such as Fantasy Brown for your kitchen countertops.

At Marble and Granite, Inc., we can help you choose the perfect surface for your project. We invite you to visit our warehouses in Westwood, MA and Millford, CT where we can show your all of the options for shades of taupe and beige—or any other shade of natural stone you might be looking for. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE to make an appointment.


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