Reflect Your Unique Personality With Granite

Reflect Your Unique Personality With Granite

June 23, 2015

Though granite is the most popular choice for kitchen countertops today, there is no reason your countertop should look just like your neighbor’s. There are as many options in granite as there are for cabinet styles and colors. Combine that with the variety of finishes available and you’re guaranteed to have a look as unique as you are.


A striking granite countertop adds personality to this Boston area Carriage House kitchen by Barbra Bright Design; Photo via Houzz 

Since granite can be found all over the world, and since each area holds many different types of minerals, coloring can vary greatly. Some minerals appear like small, shiny flecks. Some manifest themselves as bold veins of varying shades. Granite itself comes in many different colors from warm brown and edgy black to subtle green and eye-catching yellow. 

Granite is naturally very durable. Since it has low porosity, it is resistant to water, scratches, and stains. Plus, it will stand up to changes in temperature and last a very long time. (Remember: a granite sealant will offer an extra layer of protection.) Granite countertops are easy to clean. Just wipe with a clean, damp cloth and use a small amount of soap when necessary. (Avoid ammonia, bleach, or any cleaning products containing solvents or caustics, as they will erode the sealant.)

Here are a few of the unique granite options you’ll find here at Marble and Granite, Inc.


This slab of Fusion granite from Brazil offers swirling hints of green, grey, and rust. 



Quarried in Brazil, this Alpine granite slab features a mosaic of minerals on a white background.


 This Apollo granite slab from Brazil resembles a photo of the moon’s surface, with a yellow tinge. 



This slab of Carpe Diem granite incorporates shades of yellow and green. 



Persian Treasure - one of our top selling granites due to its beautiful flow and amazing mix of colors

We invite you to view in person more granite selections at our two New England area locations or view our complete inventory online.


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