ColorQuartz Helps to Create an Eclectic Kitchen Design

ColorQuartz Helps to Create an Eclectic Kitchen Design

November 06, 2015

This contemporary kitchen features a cascading countertop of ColorQuartz in Venatino. Photo courtesy of Boston Kitchen Designs 

ColorQuartz was the countertop of choice for Mary Porzelt of Boston Kitchen Designs when she created this eclectic contemporary two-tone kitchen design.  Featuring a cascading island in ColorQuartz Venatino, Porzelt says it’s one of her favorite kitchens. A very popular trend in kitchen design, the contrasting light and dark surfaces are clean and simple, helping the space to feel light, airy, and welcoming.


Contemporary kitchen by Mary Porzelt of Boston Kitchen Designs 

We can understand why this kitchen would be one of Porzelt’s favorites. In addition to the beauty of the design, ColorQuartz is a top-quality material that makes an ideal kitchen countertop. Here at Marble & Granite, Inc., we’ve been offering ColorQuartz  for almost two years. We’ve been highly impressed by the quality of the material and colors available.

Our customers have been equally pleased. They have many brands of quartz surfacing to choose from, but since we distribute ColorQuartz right here in New England, we can offer faster service, very competitive pricing, and our fully dedicated focus to the satisfaction of the homeowner. 

Though the brand ColorQuartz may not yet be a household name when it comes to quartz surfacing, their products stand up to today’s most familiar brands. And in fact, ColorQuartz offers a few advantages over other popular quartz surfacing brands. ColorQuartz is the largest quartz manufacturer in China with 6 fully automatic production lines. Though the company’s factories are located in Shanghai, all research and development for ColorQuartz takes place at their U.S. headquarters in Diamond Bar, California. In fact, the company has five US-based locations throughout California and Seattle.

 ColorQuartz countertop in Venatino  by Boston Kitchen Designs.

Consistently meeting all quality standards, ColorQuartz offers the superb combination of nature and technology. Made up of 93-percent real quartz, ColorQuartz is non-porous, heat resistant up to 300-degrees and scratch-resistant. Since it’s highly stain resistant, it never requires sealing, making maintenance easier than with other natural stone products.

Great for more than just countertops, ColorQuartz is perfect for any interior application including floors and vertical surfaces. At Marble & Granite, Inc. we’re happy to show you the great color and pattern choices available through ColorQuartz. Give us a call at 877 39 STONE to make an appointment today.


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