Grey Matters: Is grey the new white?

Grey Matters: Is grey the new white?

October 01, 2015


Silver Grey granite slab in a honed finish from Marble & Granite, Inc.

When it comes to cool, neutral countertop colors, white is no longer alone at the top. Grey is a shade that’s transitioning from “new” to “neutral.”

It’s not a new development. Varying shades of grey have been popular long before the steamy novel-turned-movie. But what is new is that grey is now being considered a neutral shade, just like white and beige. Why does it work so well as a neutral? The bottom line is it pairs beautifully with an array of colors across the spectrum. Grey looks lovely with a lemon yellow or a luscious lime. It helps purple pop and makes blues bolder. Grey is a color that’s refined and timeless, not to mention exceptionally versatile. Like white and beige, grey is a calming color. It pairs perfectly with black and white. In its warmer form, grey is sophisticated and cozy. In a cooler tone, it’s light, soothing, and calming.

Though grey countertops were initially thought to be strictly for modern styles, they’ve proven themselves to be at home in both sleek European cabinets as well as more traditional or transitionally designed spaces. Like a reliable suit that’s never outdated, grey is a timeless classic. As homeowners begin to become more familiar with the idea of grey being a “neutral,” we predict we will continue to see more and more of this interesting shade in countertop and surfacing choices.

Dress it up or dress it down, grey is a color that’s that is practical, comfortable, and timeless. Come in to Marble & Granite Inc. to see one of our expert stone professionals. We can show you all the shades of grey, including these, just to share a few…


Polished Super Grey marble slab from Marble & Granite, Inc. 


Gris d Savoie marble in a polished finish from Marble & Granite, Inc. 


Honed Steel Grey granite slab from Marble & Granite, Inc. 


Polished Azul Aran  granite slab from Marble & Granite, Inc. 


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