Marble Tile Vs. Porcelain: Why marble comes out on Top

Marble Tile Vs. Porcelain: Why marble comes out on Top

September 24, 2015


Polished New Emperador Light marble tile from Marble & Granite, Inc. 

Q: We’re planning a bath remodel and are trying to decide on a flooring material. We’re torn between marble and porcelain tile. We love the look of marble, but are afraid it will be too hard to maintain. Are there any other factors we should consider while we’re deliberating?

Marble  and porcelain are very different materials. They’re made differently, they feel differently, and they certainly look differently. There are some cool new things being done in porcelain today, such as finishes that look like natural stone or wood planks. But the bottom line is…you really can’t replicate the look of marble . If the cool, rich, and elegant look of marble is what you desire, then your choice is simple. Go with the marble. 


Bianco Carrara marble tiles in a honed finish from Marble & Granite, Inc. 

Since marble tiles are 100-percent natural, they will require regular maintenance. But you shouldn’t let this scare you into choosing something you don’t totally love. There is nothing quite like the timeless look of marble. It has a sort-of translucent quality that lets light penetrate the surface and give off a glowing quality. Whether they’re light or dark, marble tiles play with light, giving off a really beautiful effect.

Natural materials, such as marble and granite, are more porous than manmade porcelain. (Porcelain is made from clay, so porcelain tiles are denser than natural stone.) This does make porcelain more resistant to stains. But the maintenance required to protect marble tiles from damage isn’t overwhelming. If you really love the look of natural stone, you won’t mind a little extra work now and then.


 Polished finish Breccia Oniciata marble tile from Marble & Granite, Inc. 

Just like marble slabs used for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities, marble tile has specific maintenance requirements. First, it must be sealed on a regular basis. Usually once a year does the trick. Sealing it isn’t difficult and there are many products designed for easy application. The best thing to do is to talk to your stone provider and ask for a product recommendation. While you are at it, ask if they can recommend a good natural stone cleaner as well. The second most important thing, when it comes to marble maintenance, is keeping the surface clean. A recommended natural stone cleaner will do the trick. However, for day-to-day cleaning, all you’ll need is a good microfiber mop. The more frequently you remove dust and grime, the less often you’ll need to use marble cleaner, and the longer your marble can go without sealing. A couple of good tips to remember: Don’t use soap on your marble tile floor. This can lead to unsightly build-up. Also, any time you use water on your marble tile floor, be sure to dry it right away.


  Polished Bardiglio Nuvolato tiles from Marble & Granite, Inc

Another word of caution, lotions, hair dyes, and various products that you use in the bathroom can stain a marble tile floor. One important thing to do is to test any products that you might use with regularity. If available, ask for a sample of the material you’d like to put in your bathroom. Then test any products that you use to be sure it won’t etch or stain the surface. Pay particular attention to hair dye, especially in the shower.

If you’re still undecided, try visiting one of Marble and Granite, Inc.’s two New England area showrooms . Our experienced natural stone professionals will show you the beautiful array of colors and sizes of marble tile available. We think once you see the amazing choices, and take home a few marble tile samples to test, your answer will be clear.


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