Backlighting Adds Beauty to Crystaline Stone

Backlighting Adds Beauty to Crystaline Stone

August 22, 2016


Custom bathroom featuring Yellow Onyx Crystaline Stone. Photo via Houzz 

Backlighting is a lighting method used by designers and architects to make a dramatic statement. Shining light through panels (such as natural stone, quartz, and more) from behind helps to intensify the details of the stone. It shows a depth that you don’t see any other way and, depending on the particular slab’s movements and patterns, the result can be quite breathtaking. One type of stone that creates particularly awe-inspiring results with backlighting (and that we offer here at Marble & Granite, Inc.) is Crystaline Stone.


Shower design featuring Sky Planet Onyx Crystaline Stone. Photo via Houzz 

If you visit our Westwood, MA showroom, you’ll see several backlit Crystaline Stone displays. What makes Crystaline Stone so unique? Well, first of all it comes in some pretty distinctive colors. The Gems Collection, for example, mimics the look of genuine sapphires, amethysts, emeralds, onyx and other gemstones. With a process called Inter-Crystaline Technological Coloring, manufacturers use high temperatures and pressure, combined with specially developed sealants and pigments, to molecularly fuse bold, permanent color throughout the stone. Another notable feature of Crystaline Stone is that the coloring process creates a highly durable material with the same properties and characteristics as the original stone (which is typically a white marble or gray granite.) And since the coloring process eliminates some of the porosity in the stone, it’s easier to clean than traditional stone. But, best of all, its still a completely, 100-percent natural stone and its mesmerizing colors are permanent. They won’t fade over time.

When light filters through Crystaline Stone, it dances off of and plays with the surface, creating a luxuriously luminous effect. It can be used for flooring, wall covering, decorative furniture, fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bar tops, vanity tops, tables, murals, room dividers, and more. Depending on a particular slab’s veining, the result can be warm and inviting or dramatic and bold.


Kitchen design with translucent application of Emerald Crystaline Stone from the Gems Collection. Photo via Houzz

If you love the look that Mother Nature created with natural stone, but you’re looking to add a “wow” factor, consider backlit Crystaline Stone . Come into one of our two New England area showrooms to experience our striking displays in person. Our knowledgeable team of stone experts can help you customize your own magnificent projects. Give us a call at 877 39 STONE


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