Neolith Polished Finish Recognized by Two Top Industry Publications

Neolith Polished Finish Recognized by Two Top Industry Publications

December 16, 2016

Kitchen countertops in Neolith Estatuario Polished finish. Residential project designed by Karen Press in Boca Raton, Florida. Photo courtesy of Neolith.

Ultra-compact Neolith surfacing has been recognized by two of the industry’s top publications for their revolutionary new Polished finish. The finish received the 2016 Product Innovation Award from Architectural Products Magazine. The prestigious award honors innovation in the development and refinement of building-related products, ranging from cladding systems to interior finishes. Equally impressive, Neolith’s Polished Finish has also won the Architectural Record Award. 

Fireplace featuring Neolith Calacatta Gold Polished finish. Hotel Hilton in Milan, Italy. Photo courtesy of Neolith.

Judges highlighted the perfectly linear reflection of Neolith’s Polished finish as well as the high degree of shine, which is far more vibrant than other polished materials on the market. 

To create the polished finish, The Size uses state-of-the-art equipment to melt a thin layer of glass directly onto the Neolith slab. It then goes through a kiln to melt and fuse the components together. The result is a perfectly flat, linear reflection unlike that of any other ceramic gloss. And best of all, it does not require sealing, making it very easy to maintain. 

The polished finish helps to convey the true character and beauty of natural stone. Suitable for homes, hospitals, hotels, office spaces, retail stores and more, Neolith is perfect for countertops, interior and exterior wall cladding, and floors with low traffic. The polished finish is an excellent choice for dressing the most spectacular architectural spaces. It allows designer, architects, and even homeowners the opportunity to create the most unique spaces imaginable. 

At Marble & Granite, Inc., we have the largest selection of Neolith available in New England. Feel free to visit one of our two showroom locations any time, or call us at 877-39-STONE with questions or to set up an appointment. Our surfacing experts will be happy to show you all of the benefits that Neolith has to offer.


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