Moon Rock: New Celestial-Inspired Color From ColorQuartz

Moon Rock: New Celestial-Inspired Color From ColorQuartz

June 28, 2016

 Thanks to increased consumer education and technological advancements in design and production, quartz surfacing is second only to granite when it comes to today’s top countertop choices. ColorQuartz, one of the world’s leading producers of quartz surfacing, continues to expand their ever-growing collection of options. Their latest round of new colors includes the celestial-inspired Moon Rock

ColorQuartz celebrates their advancements with the brand new Moon Rock. Joining their collection of colors that closely mimic natural stone, Moon Rock offers a look that’s similar to granite, yet offers the unique qualities of quartz. (These traits include high resistance to scratching, chipping, and staining. Quartz is non-porous so liquids, oils, and acids won’t harm the surface. It won’t harbor harmful bacteria since nothing can penetrate the surface. Plus, it never needs sealing. )


New from ColorQuartz, Moon Rock features swirly shades of gray, white, and beige, mimicking rock actually found on the moon. 


This is a sample of lunar basalt obtained from the surface of the moon by Apollo 17 in 1972. (Lunar Sample Compendium, NASA)

 A warm and inviting shade, Moon Rock features a swirly granite-like pattern that also resembles the surface of the moon. When you gaze up at the moon at night, its physical features create contrasting shades of light and dark. The lunar mountains are lighter in color and the darker shades are the valleys and craters. It results in a swirly mix of gray, white, and beige. 

Moon Rock joins the broad array of colors and versatile patterns offered by ColorQuartz, including inviting tones inspired by nature and bold, distinctive shades. The color variety is just one reason homeowners and interior designers love ColorQuartz. It offers the ability to personalize projects and create the most innovative designs.

More than an “imitation stone,” ColorQuartz is 93-percent actual quartz—the hardest mineral on earth. The minute particles are mixed with polymer resin and pigments to bind the quartz particles together. The result is a product that’s extremely strong and durable.

If you’d like to see Moon Rock or any of ColorQuartz’s innovative color options, stop by either of our two New England area showrooms. Our team of surfacing experts will be happy to show you the wide array of ColorQuartz we have in stock and help you get started on your kitchen or bath project.


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