Seeing is Believing: Why it's important to see your slab in person

Seeing is Believing: Why it's important to see your slab in person

March 22, 2016


You and your designer or fabricator may see things a bit differently. Be sure to see your slab yourself before the finishing project begins. 

Q: We recently had our kitchen remodeled, but things didn’t turn out exactly the way we had planned. We selected our granite after seeing an installation at our kitchen designer’s showroom. But once our kitchen was deigned and all of the elements were in place, the color of the granite wasn’t at all what we had expected. It was much darker and, to us, looked like a completely different material. We inquired and were told that it is the same type of granite we saw in the showroom. How could two pieces of the same granite look so different? Is this common? We feel nearly certain there was a mix-up with materials.

A: Believe it or not, this is a fairly common question. It’s unfortunate that you’re not completely satisfied with the end result of your kitchen project, but to put your mind it ease, it’s very unlikely that it was a mix-up. Even when it has the same name and comes from the same quarry, every slab of natural stone is different from the next. For this reason, we cannot stress enough the importance of seeing your slab in person before making your final decision.

It’s vital to remember that a sample is just that—a sample. A slab’s appearance can change based on many factors. Lighting makes a big difference. The same slab will look very different under the artificial light of a kitchen showroom than it will in your home. Some slabs may be from the same quarry, yet they can vary pretty drastically in color or particulate pattern and movement.

We strongly recommend that you use your own eyes to see your slab at the stone yard before it is transported, cut, and finished. If your designer or fabricator doesn’t suggest this step of the process, do not hesitate to mention it to them. You are perfectly within your rights as a customer to pick our your exact slab using your own eyes.

Unfortunately, it may be too late with your particular kitchen remodel, but this is a very important lesson to learn. It presents us with a good opportunity to remind those working on a kitchen, bath, or any home renovation project: not everyone involved in your project sees things the same way you do.

The only reliable way to know for sure what you’re getting is to see for yourself. Keep in mind that photos online or in print are a very poor substitution for seeing the real thing. Colors vary on computer monitors and the camera may miss things that the eye will easily see.

Every stone slab has its own history…its own story to tell. Selecting the right one is a very personal choice. Seeing your stone with your own eyes and feeling it with your own hands also lets you appreciate the stone’s uniqueness. You’ll see that the stone slab you select is just like you—one of a kind! That’s just one part of what makes natural stone so appealing.

We know a project involving natural stone is a big investment. It’s worth taking the extra time to check everything out and confirm that all will be just the way you desire. Inspecting the exact slabs you’ll use lets you avoid big mistakes that can end up costing you a lot more than your time in the end. If you’d like to get up close and personal with some stone slabs before making your final selection, give us a call at Marble and Granite, Inc. Our stone and surfacing experts would be happy to show you what we have in stock as well as answer any questions that you might have. We can help you line up slabs side-by-side so you can check out all possible angles and details. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE.


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