Accentuate the Positive with Stone Accent Walls

Accentuate the Positive with Stone Accent Walls

September 23, 2016



 Split face marble makes a beautiful kitchen accent wall in this design by Venegas and Company, Boston.

Whole house (or even whole room) remodels can be time consuming, not to mention expensive. But there is one way you can spice things up in any space without doing a total renovation: Make a statement by adding an accent wall.

Creating accent walls with various paint colors is a common practice. But why not take it one step further by using natural stone to add a sense of sophistication and luxury? You can transform any living room, kitchen, or even bathroom by incorporating stone tiles, slabs, patterns, or anything you can imagine. The possibilities really are endless.

An accent wall is a great way to add a touch of warmth, a splash of color, or convey texture. A sleek, polished, linear stone choice can instantly transform a sterile room into an edgy, modern space. And a panel of rugged natural stone can help make a rustic chic design statement. Stone accent walls are a great way to break up a room and draw attention to a focal point. Here are a few ideas for making a dramatic statement with a stone accent wall:

• In the bedroom, add stone to the wall behind the bed. The head of the bed typically marks a bedroom’s feature wall. Adding stone will create an instant focal point.

• Love the rich look of marble but not looking to do a full kitchen renovation with new countertops? Add marble around a backsplash area or frame a section of cabinetry with eye catching marble tiles.

• Consider using Neolith for an accent wall. It’s an ultra-compact surface that’s exceptionally durable and versatile. Neolith can be installed directly to an existing surface for a quick and easy makeover.


Ultra slim Neolith material creates an eye-catching accent wall in this tv room/den. Photo courtesy of Neolith

• Don’t stop at just a fireplace surround. Extending stone along the entire wall where a fireplace is situated creates an instant piece of “sculpture” for a room.

• Or, if you already have a dramatic fireplace that runs floor-to-ceiling, place contrasting stone along either side.

• The foyer is a great place to incorporate stone accent walls. It helps define the space and create a welcoming walkway into the home.

For more ideas on how to create a stone accent wall masterpiece, visit either one of our Marble & Granite Inc. showroom locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our surfacing experts will be glad to show you what’s in stock as well as brainstorm some creative ideas.


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