Does Marble Mix and Match With Granite?

Does Marble Mix and Match With Granite?

September 28, 2016


This kitchen from Dalia Kitchen Design beautifully blends granite (Brown Antique) and marble (honed Imperial Danby) countertops in contrasting colors. Cabinetry by Christopher Peacock.

Q: We’re working on a kitchen remodel and would like to use contrasting countertop colors for the edge and island. We found two stones that we love, but one is marble and one is granite. Can we mix together two different materials like that or do they have to be the same?

A: Absolutely! That’s an easy question with a simple answer: yes. There is no “rule” that says your materials have to be consistent in specimen, color, or anything else. If you like the look it creates, you should, by all means, go for it!

While there are no “rules” there are a few tips that the stone professionals here at Marble & Granite, Inc. say you should keep in mind when combining countertop materials in the kitchen…

• Don’t rely on samples alone. This advice is true any time, but it’s particularly important when you are mixing two or more colors, styles, or materials. Samples aren’t always the most accurate portrayal of what the actual stone will be, so be sure you go to see your slab in person. If the marble and granite are coming from the same place, ask if you can see them placed next to or near each other so that you can make the best decision. When you visit us at Marble & Granite, Inc., be sure to bring your cabinet samples. Our experienced stone handlers will be happy to help you maneuver the slabs so that you can see exactly how they will look in the same space.

• Consider function and practicality when making your selection. Where do your spills typically happen? Do you have small children that eat at the island? Do you do a lot of cooking and work hard at the sink? If so, you’ll want to consider using the granite for these spaces and the more delicate marble in another area. Do you love to bake and roll out dough on the island? Marble is an excellent surface for keeping dough soft and safe from sticking. So if it makes sense, place the marble on the island where you roll out the dough for pizzas and pastries.

• Choose colors that work together visually. If you pick a soft beige marble like Botticino Classico and pair it with an Alaskan White granite slab, chances are it will look more like you went remnant shopping rather than consciously contrasted colors. Stick to hues with the same undertones. If you’re going with a warmer marble, opt for a granite with warm taupe or brown undertones.  If you choose a marble island with cool gray veins, dark gray or black granite would make ideal perimeter countertops. If your kitchen island is neutral in nature and light in color, then its best to choose a darker accent surface for the remaining countertops.

The mix and match trend is in full swing right now. It’s a very easy way to create interest as well as showcase the natural properties of these beautiful stones. If you have questions about how to match two styles of countertops at home, feel free to visit either of our two Marble & Granite, Inc. showrooms. Just as wine pairing brings out the best of both the food and the wine, we can help you create the perfect marble and granite pairing to bring out your design personality.


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