Inspired by Mother Nature, Made by ColorQuartz

Inspired by Mother Nature, Made by ColorQuartz

September 13, 2016

The look of real marble is just one more reason to love ColorQuartz. Shown: Spyder 

There’s no denying the natural beauty of white marble. With its creamy background and swirling gray veins, marbles such as Calacatta Lincoln and Cherokee White, both from right here in the USA, are popular choices today—and rightfully so. But, every project is different and some might call for a surfacing material with different attributes. That’s where ColorQuartz comes in!

ColorQuartz manufacturers have developed a way to create quartz material that looks so much like natural marble that you’ll do a double take. Featuring the same creamy white background and undulating gray veins, Spyder, as shown above, very closely resembles the most popular white marbles used today. But, since it’s manmade quartz, it’s virtually maintenance-free!

What makes ColorQuartz so easy to care for? First of all, it’s an exceptionally durable material. More than just an “imitation” of natural stone, ColorQuartz is 93-percent actual quartz—which is the hardest mineral on earth. The quartz is ground into fine particles and then mixed with polymer resin and pigments to bind the particles together. The resulting product offers superior strength as well as heat- and scratch-resistance. ColorQuartz is also a non-porous surface. Liquids, oils, and acids won’t penetrate or harm the surface. And it helps prevent the spread of bacteria since the resulting surface is completely non-porous. This means germs and microbes can’t get into the microscopic crevices and thrive. Plus, unlike natural marble (or granite, for that matter,) ColorQuartz never needs to be re-sealed.

More than just beautiful countertops, ColorQuartz makes a great choice for any interior application including floors, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, and much more. Just keep in mind, although ColorQuartz is “nearly” indestructible, you do need to be vigilant with hot pots and pans. It’s always good practice to use a trivet or hot pad and avoid placing hot cookware directly on the surface.

Want to compare Spyder to natural marble for yourself? Visit either of our two New England area showroom locations in Westwood, MA and Milford, CT. Our team of surfacing experts would be happy to show you the benefits of ColorQuartz. And, if while you’re there, you decide natural marble is the way to go, we can help with that too. Check out our complete inventory online:


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