Must-Have Cabinet Accessories

Must-Have Cabinet Accessories

March 01, 2017

 Base pantry organizers, such as this one from WoodMode, help keep necessities within easy reach. 

We spend a lot of time talking about countertops, for obvious reasons. This week, however, we thought we’d take a moment to talk cabinetry. Specifically, the accessories that help make cabinets as functional as possible.

If you’re working on a kitchen or a bath project, besides choosing the perfect statement-making cabinetry and topping it with just the right countertop focal point, you’ve also got to think about what’s going on inside. After all, cabinetry has a very important job to do besides just looking good. It has to keep all of the tools, accessories we use on a daily basis organized and within easy reach. 

When it comes to organizing cabinet interiors, there are endless accessory options to organize everything from pots and pans to towels and cutlery. For example, WoodMode makes a base pantry system, shown above, that’s perfect for those without space for a walk-in pantry or tall pantry cabinet. Made of cherry wood, it organizes canned items and pasta. Each panel hinges out to allow easy access to items inside. This is especially helpful in lower cabinets that can feel dark and cavernous. Another great accessory to have is the new “No Wiggle” base Pullout Cabinet Organizer from Hardware Resources. It features a patent-pending top-mounting bracket that’s neatly concealed under the first shelf. This bracket helps to eliminate the side-to-side shimmy and sag that comes along with many pullout cabinets. It comes with four shelves, two fixed and two adjustable, and ships fully assembled and ready to install. 
 New base Pullout Cabinet Organizer from Hardware Resources eliminates side-to-side shimmy.  

One of the toughest areas to organize in the kitchen is the corner cabinet. Though spacious, it can turn into a cavernous abyss, swallowing storage bowls, lids, and anything else that gets lost in the darkness. To combat this, Glideware has created the “Not-So-Lazy” Susan, which frees up a lot of wasted cabinet space. It features seven adjustable hooks, stainless steel hardware, the ability to secure cookware, and a lower tray for additional storage. 

 The Not-So-Lazy Susan from Glideware breathes new life into dark corner cabinets. 

Cabinet accessories in the bathroom can go a long way in keeping the bath space organized and tidy, too. Pull-out cabinets, such as the custom one shown here created by Crown Point Cabinetry help organize smaller items that can get lost inside standard cabinets.  Metal rails help to keep everyday items upright and within easy reach. Plus, a tilt-out hamper, such as the one shown here from Rev-A-Shelf, offers a seamless way to stash dirty laundry. 
Custom pullouts by Crown Point Cabinetry Bath designed by Elizabeth Swartz Interiors 

 Tilt-out hamper from Rev-A-Shelf

Once you’ve narrowed down your cabinetry, personalized your accessories, and gotten the ball rolling, feel free to visit one of our two New England showrooms or peruse our online inventory to find the perfect countertop to go with your new, well-organized kitchen or bath. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE. We are happy to help! 


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