Show the Laundry Room Some Love

Show the Laundry Room Some Love

May 26, 2017

Show the Laundry Room Some Love

The laundry room has a tough job. It’s a workhorse much like the kitchen and the bathroom, but it’s typically not shown very much love when it comes to design. Bathrooms and kitchens typically tend to get all of the attention, and by attention we mean beautiful tile and stonework. However, as today’s laundry rooms evolve into multi-purpose spaces that are seeing more use, they are proving they are just as deserving of a little design T.L. C. as the other spaces. 

Polished. Playful. Pet friendly. These are words that haven’t typically been associated with the laundry room. That is, until now. The damp room that’s usually filled with lingering odor from used athletic gear is in the process of being redefined. The laundry room is now a space that homeowners are designing with style and purpose. 

The laundry room has come a long way from a simple closet with a fold-down ironing board. Changing demographics and busier lifestyles call for more organization and function. So, today’s laundry rooms have begun to include “extras” such as cabinetry, sinks, drying racks, cubbies, countertops, and even decorative stone and tile. 

Natural stone is a perfect fit for the laundry room. It’s a durable choice that can stand up to moisture and heavy use. Here are a few of the top ways that homeowners and designers are incorporating stone into today’s laundry rooms: 

Laundry room by Shenandoah Cabinetry 

Even vertical surfaces are likely to get splashed in the laundry room. A stone backsplash offers durability while making a strong design statement. The horizontally stacked stone backsplash in this laundry remodel beautifully complements the cabinetry while adding a bit of drama—all while standing up to moisture. 

 Hardworking slate floors in a utility room by Oakley Home Builders. 

Carpet and rugs can absorb the moisture from wet, dirty laundry rooms, creating the perfect place for mold and mildew to thrive. Linoleum and ceramic tiles are non-absorbent, but they also don't allow moisture to escape, which can also encourage mold and mildew growth. Natural stone, such as the slate used in this utility room, offers the desired “breathability” along with a look that’s classic and elegant. 

 Sumptuous granite countertops in a laundry/utility room by Refined, LLC. 

Countertops have become an essential element in today’s laundry room. Just like in the kitchen and bath, natural stone will stand up to whatever your dirty laundry can dish out, plus it adds an element of style to the space, proving the laundry room is no longer an afterthought. 

Pet Washing Station 
An efficient yet beautifully designed pet washing station by Angelini and Associates Architects. 

Pets are part of the family too, and in larger laundry rooms, we’re beginning to see some specialized areas just for them. Cubbies for a doggie bed or kitty litter pan are great, but a built-in wash station will help you keep Fifi looking fresh without using your own tub or shower—or worse, the garden hose. 

Natural stone helps to give laundry spaces a pulled-together “designer” look. It says, “I’ve thought about this” rather than simply “this is where my dirty laundry hides.” If you are looking to incorporate natural stone into your laundry or utility area, pay us a visit at one of Marble & Granite’s two New England locations. We will be happy to show you some ideas for transforming your laundry room into a stylish haven. And, who knows. You might even learn to enjoy doing the laundry! Give us a call at 877 39 STONE. 


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