Decorating With Coastal Style

Decorating With Coastal Style

August 29, 2018

Beach cottage kitchen by Donna Elle Seaside Living. Image via

Decorating With Coastal Style

Sunshiny days spent seaside are a huge décor influence here in our neck of the woods. Coastal-inspired décor can transform any home, infusing it with a sense of relaxation. The ocean, sky, and sand all provide the perfect inspiration for a coastal color palette. 

If you’re looking to add a beachy feeling with your next home remodel or new construction, the color of your countertops and surfaces can help. Coastal colors are all about muted and washed tones. These shades help create the same casual, relaxed environment we experience regularly at the seaside. 

Here are some of our favorite coastal-inspired colors at Marble and Granite, Inc.: 

Neutral Tones 
Think the grays and browns of weathered driftwood, storm clouds, and the warm, soft sand. 


Shades of white are crisp and clean, like sailboat canvas, shells, sand dollars, and the foam of breaking waves. 

Go for muted shades that remind you of beach grass, kelp, and sea glass. 

Beach Blues
Watery and ethereal or deep navy and nautical, shades of blue are perfect for a beach-inspired interior. 


Let our team of experienced stone experts show you the colors and materials that will work best for your coastal-inspired spaces. Visit us in Albany, NY, Westwood, MA, or Milford, CT where you can see all of the latest colors and materials including ColorQuartz, Neolith, Crystaline Stone, and of course Marble and Granite


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