How Much Will My Countertops Cost?

How Much Will My Countertops Cost?

May 23, 2018

Pearl Grey Marble countertop. 

Your home is an investment, and we understand that you want the best value for your money. We also understand when one of the first questions we get is “How much will it cost?” It’s a simple question and here at Marble & Granite, Inc. we do our very best to give you a simple answer, though we’re in an ever-evolving industry. 
Twenty years ago, the only way to get a stone countertop was to buy it from a fabricator. Today, there are an increasing number of fabricators and installers that will only charge labor and will allow the consumer to purchase the material directly from a wholesaler. This happens more frequently in some markets and is emerging in others.  Also, there are now some wholesalers that sell the material directly to the consumer when they are there making their material selections, and then they refer them to a fabricator. Either way, many factors go into the cost of a particular project. And we believe that educated consumers are the best consumers. For this reason, we are the first and one of the only natural stone wholesalers to be completely transparent about pricing for material. We want you to understand how your project is being priced so that you can make an accurate, informed decision when it comes to selecting natural stone. 
First off, you must pay for the material itself. Materials account for 25 to 50 percent of the final price per square foot. The price of materials depends on availability. Natural stones that are more abundant will cost less than materials which are harder to find. It’s important to point out that the prices you see on our website are retail prices for MATERIAL ONLY. 
Labor is also a big part of the equation. This includes templating, fabrication, and installation. The cost for labor depends on many variables. What details are you planning to include in your project? Is there a sink? If so, that requires a sink cutout. Will cutouts be done by hand or by machine? Will the project include a full-height backsplash? Have you selected a basic edge profile or an elaborate decorative edge? Are you altering the finish from honed to polished, or vice versa? Is the project located on the home’s first floor or do you live in a fourth floor walk-up? Will crane services be required to get the stone where it’s going? Is there an old countertop that needs to be removed and disposed of? Does the material require sealing before and/or at installation? All of these, and more, are factors that go into determining what you’ll pay for labor. Because of these variables, templating, fabrication, and installation prices can range anywhere from $35 to $120 per square foot. 
Of course, any wholesaler, fabricator, or installer needs to make a profit. But it’s important to understand that, in the natural stone business, profits are more than just about “making money.” Having a profit also provides an “insurance policy” in case something goes wrong anywhere along the process. When working with a natural material, accidents can happen. Every piece of natural stone is completely different from another and there is no absolute guarantee that a piece of stone won’t experience a fault or a fissure anywhere along the process. Profits help ensure that stone professionals can help rectify any problems that occur along the way quickly.
Plus, quality fabricators and distributors have to provide a safe workplace for their employees. To do this, a company must be financially stable and practice safety according to OSHA guidelines. A shop that meets all of these requirements is more likely to treat your project with the same respect. 
Some general advice to consider:
• Don’t cut corners on installation. Paying a premium to ensure that you have a reliable installer is worth the money. 
• Having the same person who created the template do the installation can help maximize communication and minimize errors. 
• It’s fine to “shop around” but don’t assume that the cheapest price is always the best choice. 
Knowing how your money is spent from start to finish will help ensure that your project is a worthwhile investment that will stand the test of time. 
Do you need help finding a particular material? How about a quality fabricator? Visit us at You can explore our entire inventory of natural stone online, right at your fingertips, plus our Find a Fabricator tool can help you locate fabricators who do quality work at a reasonable price. You can also stop by one of our three Northeastern showrooms any time. Our educated team of professionals will help you with all of the details, making sure that you feel confident about your decision every step of the way. 


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