Creating a Family Friendly Kitchen

Creating a Family Friendly Kitchen

October 12, 2018

  An open floor plan, such as the one in this New Hampshire home, helps make any kitchen more family friendly. Photo Via Houzz Mandeville Canyon Designs

When you have a family, building a new home or remodeling a current home requires some special attention. No matter what the ages are for your family members, or how many there are, you will want to make sure that your kitchen is as welcoming and family-friendly as it is stylish and functional. Here at Marble & Granite, Inc., we have a few ideas for creating a space that works for the whole family: 

Open floor plan 
An open floor plan will allow you to feel like part of the action while you’re preparing family meals and gatherings. You can see and communicate with others in adjacent spaces, letting everybody be a part of the action. 

Island Living 
An island or a peninsula offers plenty of space for seating. It also lets kids spread out while doing homework, crafts, eating, or just hanging out while dinner is being made. If the floor plan allows, incorporate two islands. Reserve the island closest to the cooktop for food prep. The other island can be used for homework, playing games, or a gathering spot while you put the finishing touches on dinner. 

Fuss-free countertops 
Easy to live with countertops are an absolute “must” in a family-friendly kitchen. Make sure you choose a countertop that’s durable and easy to clean. Go with a countertop material that resists fingerprints, such as leathered granite or polished natural stone. At Marble & Granite, Inc., we’re glad to help you pick the surface that works best for you and your family. From virtually bullet-proof Neolith and ultra-durable ColorQuartz to the most beautiful natural stone varieties that are easy to live with and care for, we can show you all of the options. 

Swivel Stools 
Swivel stools at a kitchen bar, island, or peninsula just make it easier to turn and face the conversation wherever it may be. Fixed chairs keep you facing forward, but having the ability to rotate to face the family room or breakfast nook will really help open up the space. 
 Double islands, like the one in this Dedham kitchen, help keep kids out of the work space yet part of the action. Photo via Houzz Three Trees Interiors 

Multiple Sinks
Having at least two sinks lets you share the chores. Kids can help out at one sink while you finish clean-up at the other. 

Breakfast Nook 
A banquette or breakfast nook can be helpful for corralling the kids. It’s harder to escape from a banquette than it is from freestanding chairs. Plus, it’s a convenient place for guests to hang out while dinner is being prepared. 

Indoor-outdoor Fabric 
Used on benches, stool cushions, and seats indoor-outdoor fabric is easier to wipe clean and will last longer than indoor fabric. 

Technology Center
Though kitchen office areas seem to be less popular than they once were, it’s helpful for families to have a “technology area” in the kitchen. This can be where a laptop lives or a place to charge phones and other devices. Just be sure it’s outside of the main work zone. 

Walk-in Pantry
A large pantry, preferably a walk-in, is key for organizing a family kitchen. It’s easier for kids to help with putting away groceries or kitchen necessities if they can easily access shelving. And while everyone loves a big pantry, it’s vital when you need to keep ingredients on hand for larger family dinners. Plus, a big pantry can help keep clutter off of countertops. 

Avoid Corners
Go with gently rounded countertop edges as opposed to hard corners, especially in homes with smaller children. You’ll worry less about kiddos running through the kitchen. 

Stop Slips 
Use flooring that will help you avoid slips and falls. A great choice is natural stone with a honed, tumbled, hammered, or flamed finish. Slip-proof rugs will also help you get a grip. 

Wipe-Clean Wall Paint
Use a wall paint that will wipe clean. Semigloss is always a good choice. 

Family Friendly Appliances
Consider using the following so that busy families can help themselves: 
•    Refrigerator drawers
•    Under-counter wine chiller 
•    Microwave installed at kid-height in an island 

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