Now Trending: Accent Walls in the Bath

Now Trending: Accent Walls in the Bath

September 24, 2018

There’s nothing like the beauty of natural stone when it comes to adding texture, color, detail, and interest to a space. Stone adds timeless elegance and beauty to any room. One place where a little bit of natural stone goes a long way is in the bathroom. Often one of the smallest rooms in the home, today’s bathrooms are being created as in-home spa retreats and both homeowners and designers are focusing on every little detail--even powder rooms are getting dressed up, from top to bottom, with statement-making style. 

A natural stone feature wall makes a bold statement. It’s a simple way to add character without a lot of “decoration” or fuss. By covering just one wall—or portion of one wall—with marble, granite, slate, quartz, or whatever stone strikes you, you can define a space while showing off your unique sense of style. 

Few materials can come close to the timeless allure and sheer elegance of natural stone. A natural stone statement wall creates both a backdrop and a focal point for the space, helping to set the mood. Even the subtlest texture adds depth and interest not only to that particular area but to the whole room.  

Here are a few examples of statement-making natural stone accent walls in the bath: 

Ultra-thin Neolith is an ideal material for creating Accent Walls.  
 ColorQuartz in Statuario Leonardo contrasts beautifully with wood tones. 
 Crystaline Stone from the White Collection makes quite a statement in style. 
Glamorous marble shower by CW Design, LLC Instagram: cwdesignllc

 A dramatic water wall designed by Christopher Grubb, Arch-Interiors Design Group 

When creating an accent wall in the bath…

• Stick to neutral shades such as grey, beige, cream, and even black (Yes, black is now considered a neutral…a very popular neutral, in fact.)  They won’t soon feel dated. Add color to the space in other ways such as by adding colorful towels, rugs, accessories, or art. 

• Don’t have one large wall in your bath? Splitting up the stone accents can have just as bold of an effect, really adding cohesion to the design. 

• Experiment with different textures and finishes. 

Stone accent walls can add warmth, dimension, and a sense of “pulled-together” design to the bath. They’ll also help keep a small bathroom from feeling too cramped. Look for the accent wall trend to grow throughout the year as homeowners look for unique ways to make a personal statement in a bath remodel or a design project. 

Want to see some beautiful accent wall choices? Visit Marble & Granite, Inc. at any of our three Northeastern showrooms. Give us a call at 877 39 STONE for more. 


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