Boston is "Big Ship Ready"

Boston is "Big Ship Ready"

February 18, 2022

Boston is “Big Ship Ready”

Photo: Associated Press
The Port of Boston welcomes Evergreen’s Ever Fortune vessel, the largest container ship to all at the port. 

It’s the beginning of a new chapter for New England stone importers like Marble & Granite, Inc. … and their customers! 

On January 16, 2022, the 1,100 foot long, 160-plus-foot-wide Ever Fortune sailed into the Port of Boston. The container ship was the first vessel of its size to ever dock in Boston Harbor, and its arrival marks a new and exciting chapter for New England businesses that rely on cargo ships. 

Through a state and federal funded project, the shipping channel was dredged and deepened by about 7 feet. Larger ship-to-shore cranes were also installed to more efficiently unload larger ships. Local port officials say that this offers new opportunities to ship more products to Boston and make global connections that weren’t possible before the $850 million project. 

After the Panama Canal was expanded a decade ago, ports along the east coast have been racing to accommodate bigger cargo ships. Now that Boston is one of those ports, the city is poised for growth. 

Though it’s always been an integral part of the city, the port is now ready to resume as the heartbeat of the import, export, freight forwarding, custom brokers, chassis suppliers, and trucking industries. The Port of Boston will now have easier access to several ports in East Asia via the Panama Canal. This is exciting news for us in the stone industry! 

With the ability for ships to sail straight into port with no backlog, our stone slabs will arrive faster. The ease of distribution will also mean greater variety of slabs for homeowners, designers, and architects to choose from. (The Ever Fortune was reportedly completely unloaded within just a few hours.) 

Whether its marble from Italy or granite from India, we can help you get the perfect stone for your projects. Give us a call at (781) 915-1250 or visit us online where you can peruse our entire inventory.  


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