The Strength of Stone + The Brilliance of Glass = StoneGlass®

The Strength of Stone + The Brilliance of Glass = StoneGlass®

June 08, 2022

Stone. And yet glass. StoneGlass® blends the best properties of both for one durable, translucent surface. 

The Strength of Stone + The Brilliance of Glass = StoneGlass®

What do you get when you blend the very best properties of two remarkable surfaces? You get an unforgettable, durable, and beautifully translucent new material called StoneGlass®. 

Made in Italy, StoneGlass combines the advantages of glass with the solidness and strength of stone. The manmade material is created by dissolving and crystalizing silicon particles—a process that’s very similar to how natural granite is formed. The engineered silica crystallization process results in a surface that’s non-porous and non-absorptive with a hardness that’s remarkably superior to marble. But, much like glass, the material also offers a unique interplay with light.  Its translucency allows light to evenly reflect off the surface creating a beautiful luminosity.
Durable StoneGlass® won’t stain, fade, or lose its shine over time. 

This blend of strength and light makes StoneGlass an ideal material for kitchen and bath countertops, especially for those looking for a solid white or solid black surface without striations, veining, patterns, or speckles.  Because StoneGlass allows light to shine through, it’s especially desirable for backlit applications. Though it’s a great countertop and backsplash material, StoneGlass is durable enough to be used anywhere, including floors, walls, facades, and more. It can even be used in outdoor kitchens, though keep in mind black and both black and white polished finishes can get very hot in direct sunlight. 

A surface that’s actually harder and stronger than natural stone, StoneGlass won’t stain. Since it’s a chemically stable material, it won’t fade or lose its shine over time. Since it’s non-absorbent, it won’t stain or etch, plus it’s even more resistant to acids and alkalis than marble, granite, and quartz. The material is scratch-resistant (particularly in matte finishes), however since it is similar to glass, cutting directly on the surface could lead to scratching. But it’s nothing a cutting board or mat can’t handle.  StoneGlass is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, allowing its beauty to shine for a very long time. 

Not only is StoneGlass a beautiful, long-lasting choice, but it’s also an environmentally friendly investment. Since it’s created without resins or solvents, StoneGlass contains zero harmful chemicals. This also makes it a completely recyclable material. 

As New England and upstate New York’s exclusive StoneGlass dealer, Marble & Granite Inc. offers the material in both white and black, in polished and honed finishes. White StoneGlass sheets are available in three thicknesses: 12-, 18-, and 30-mm and in two different sizes: 3060 x 1340 mm and 2660x1340mm. Black StoneGlass comes in both 15- and 18-mm thicknesses and in sheets measuring 2440 x 1700 mm. 

Check out this video to learn more about this exciting new product and schedule a visit to one of our Marble & Granite, Inc. showrooms to explore revolutionary StoneGlass for yourself.


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