Royal Danby for Days

Royal Danby for Days

March 24, 2022

Royal Danby for Days

This positively stunning Boston-area kitchen is practically overflowing with exquisite Royal Danby marble from Marble & Granite, Inc. From the colossal bar that spans the entire space to the breathtaking backsplash, it’s a work of art all thanks to Mother Nature. 

Quarried just north of Marble & Granite, Inc. in Vermont, Royal Danby marble is known for its clean white coloration that features light gray and brown veining that’s rather muted. This makes it the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a white natural stone that’s not too cold or bright. 

When shopping for the ideal countertop surface for their new kitchen, the family was sure of three things: it had to be marble. It had to be lighter in color and it had to stand up to the needs of a busy family. After comparing durability, color and maintenance for many materials, Royal Danby in a honed finish came out on top. 

Royal Danby is featured throughout the kitchen, including as a backsplash in the wet bar area. 

“We selected the Royal Danby because it’s such a beautiful white stone but it also has a great variation of grays and light tan in it, which helps it to coordinate with the brown hardwood floors,” explains homeowner Leigha Scott. Scott says they went with the honed finish because they felt it was more practical for avoiding etching and staining. “It is really easy to clean. We are just mindful of wiping up sauces that spill sooner rather than later,” Scott adds. 

Designed for a family of 6, the kitchen is now an area where the whole family—and friends too—can hang out together. With the family’s pool just outside two sets of double doors, the kitchen is now a super convenient spot for entertaining. It also provides better access to the indoor wet bar area, complete with icemaker and beverage fridge, making it far easier to serve cocktails and food during warmer months. 

The expansive island really is the star of the show. Spanning 18-and-a-half feet, it offers a place for everyone in the family to sit down—and then some. Eight bar stools fit comfortably around the island, which itself is made up of four Royal Danby slabs! A waterfall edge on one side is one of the homeowner’s favorite features. It creates a stunning visual that’s extravagant yet not overdone. The opposite end features legs and allows for additional seating, creating a bit of a conversation area at that end. 

“I absolutely love the waterfall edge of the marble as well as the backsplash matching the countertops. It’s such a beautiful stone. It’s not busy at all. It just flows and looks so beautiful. It really is a perfect fit,” Scott observes. 

Though light and bright, the old kitchen design lacked sufficient “hang out” space. 

 The expansive new kitchen layout—complete with 18-and-a-half-foot island— makes it ideal for entertaining. 

If you’re looking for a countertop material that’s just right for your new kitchen, bath, or remodel, visit us at one of our Marble & Granite, Inc. locations. We’re happy to show you a variety of options from natural stone to man-made quartz, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for to express your individual sense of style. 


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