The Green Side of Natural Stone Countertops

June 04, 2013
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Believe It or Not: Marble Has Advantages

April 16, 2013
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Baking in the kitchen with white marble countertops

May 22, 2012
You have finally found it!  The perfect natural stone countertop for the baking center of your kitchen. The natural stone countertop has an amazing feel and it is visually striking.  It reminds you of the stone countertops in a classic European kitchen, which is what you have always desired for your home. You are just about to make your purchase when a concern crosses your mind - is it really practical and wise to install a white marble countertop in the baking center of your home?  

The short answer is YES!  And you're right, Europeans have enjoyed white marble countertops as baking surfaces for centuries.  However, when choosing white marble countertops for your baking surfaces, there are a few things to consider in preserving its natural beauty and complementing its natural aging process.


It is important to remember that, while marble is very hard, it is naturally porous and therefore sensitive to the absorbtion of oils and acidic liquids such as wine and coffee.  While polished marble is quite beautiful and shiny, it tends to lose its shine after some use and does not enhance the natural aging process of the stone.  Therefore, to maintain the look of a white marble countertop, as seen in many European kitchens, it is best to avoid polished marble for baking surfaces and instead choose white marble that has been honed and sealed by a professional.  In addition, you should clean your white marble baking surface soon after use to avoid undue staining.  

Natural Aging Process

For centuries Europeans have come to love white marble countertops for kitchen baking surfaces understanding that these countertops naturally age.  In fact, Europeans take much pride in the look and feel of their aged marble countertops.  Indeed, a well-aged white marble countertop is like a well-aged wine - both are quite rare and valuable.  A beautifully aged white marble countertop is the envy of style-conscious individuals.  Therefore, when choosing white marble for your kitchen, you should embrace this process not forgetting the preservation steps mentioned above.  Although Europeans embrace the "aging" of their white marble countertops, they also take great steps to foster the process by taking good care of the surfaces.  

There is no doubt that white marble countertops are a truly a beautiful and stylish natural stone countertop.  Once you embrace the true beauty of this natural stone countertop, you will expect nothing less for your home. You can see all your options for marbles at and, please don't hesitate to give us a call to answer your questions or give you one of our favorite bread recipes.Dalia Kitchen   

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Natural Stone Countertops are the Most Environmentally Friendly

April 26, 2012

Many people know that granite is a popular choice of material for countertops because granite is durable and attractive. However, not everyone knows that granite is also a natural stone countertop and an environmentally and socially friendly product.


Granite is a widely available material in the earth’s crust throughout the world, including areas such Brazil, Italy and India. When companies begin work in these areas, they bring money to the local economy, hire local workers and provide employment and other resources to these areas.

Since granite is produced worldwide, consumers can also see if there is a local granite source to cut down further on transport costs, thereby increasing the environmentally friendly nature of the granite and encourage the influx of money into the local area.

Gold Travertine Quarry


When granite is extracted from the ground additional production is not necessary to create granite for countertop use. The granite is simply cut and is ready to be transported and installed. Therefore, the energy and extra chemicals necessary to prep and prepare granite are limited, making it a more environmentally friendly option than other materials that require extensive preparation.

In addition, the fabrication of granite relies most heavily on labor, not machinery or chemicals because granite is a natural stone countertop. As such, granite fabrication provides an excellent source of employment and money that re-enters the local economies.


While granite is naturally very hard, heatproof and durable, owners can add a sealant to the granite when installed for extra durability. The sealant uses very few chemicals and prevents the need to use other chemical cleaners on a regular basis to clean the granite. In fact, once sealed, granite cleans simply with some soapy water and a damp cloth. The reduction of chemical-based cleaner use on a regular basis is better for the environment.


When homeowners want to change their kitchen and get rid of their current granite countertops, the granite is not simply disposed of in some landfill. Instead, granite-recycling companies will pick up the granite once removed from the countertops and will use the granite for other projects, such as the creation of granite tiles or pavers.

Marble & Granite Inc.

We here at Marble & Granite Inc. are dedicated to helping homeowners find beautiful countertops that are environmentally friendly such as a natural stone countertop.

For information about our granite products and installation, please call us at 877-39-STONE.

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Natural Stone Countertops

April 19, 2012

Is it time to give your kitchen countertops a facelift? Are you thinking about installing natural stone countertops, possibly for the first time? Natural stone countertops are a design trend everywhere you look these days. Elegant and durable, timeless and trendy...they are these things and more. What shade of stone might suit your lifestyle best? Let's take a look at three of the most widely chosen styles and their colors.

First, how about considering granite as your natural stone countertop? Granite has been the go to natural stone countertop for some time now. Once considered especially pricey, with its popularity in recent times, it is becoming a bit more affordable while still retaining its reputation for elegance defined. Granite comes in more than a thousand different colors, and it requires minimal maintenance to keep it beautiful and functional. You can start looking at materials by clicking here.

Next, Quartz stone is one you might want to consider. Is this a style that could suit your needs best? Quartz stone comes in many different colors, is easy to maintain, and, while a bit more pricey, it is worth the investment if you are looking for functional, attractive, and easy to maintain countertops. Check our Caesarstone inventory here.

Another option could be soapstone and marbles. This is a stone that is usually dark gray and smooth to the touch. Functional and appropriate for both historical homes and modern ones, it is a good choice for many. While durable, it does require a bit of maintenance with mineral oil, as it may darken or crack over time. There are many types of Soapstone that you can see here.

Gast Architects picture

Photo from Gast Architects via Houzz

With so many choices out there, you are sure to find the natural stone countertop that fits your needs and preferences perfectly! For more info and a wonderful selection to meet all of your natural stone countertop needs, please visit





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