Leathered Finishes

January 30, 2014

There’s no denying the appeal of leather. Its sumptuous texture lends richness to fashion as well as interior design. Did you know leather texture can also add interest to your countertops and natural stone surfaces as well?

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Quartzite, Marble and Granite: Brushed finish is classic yet trendy

October 10, 2012

The process of selling marble and granite for countertops and vanities was relatively simple 10-15 years ago. Sales people who have worked in this industry for that long will tell you that majority of customers in those days were happy if they could find a nice Ubatuba, Butterfly, Giallo Ornamental, New Venetian Gold, Tan Brown, Sapphire Blue, Shivakashi, Colombo Juparana, White Carrara etc. Today by contrast we sometimes come across homeowners who go through at least 150 different colors from the most basic to most exotic and are still not sure if they fell in love with something. And the reason is unlimited material options and design ideas available in today's market.

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