Now Trending in Luxury Baths: Steam Showers made of natural stone

July 23, 2013

Steam showers are the new “must have” element of luxury bathrooms. But they involve a lot of technical details, especially when they’re made of natural stone. If you’re considering a steam shower in your home, be sure to do your homework and ensure you’re working with a skilled and reputable fabricator and a tile installer who know the requirements inside and out.

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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Marble

February 26, 2013

Choosing materials for your kitchen and bath renovations can seem overwhelming, but if you want a durable material with minimal maintenance needs, you can't go wrong with marble. This stone will not only stand the test of time, but also has an ageless aesthetic appeal, allowing it to be right at home in an ornate, traditional home or a sleek, modern space. While there are plenty of familiar ways to use marble in interior design, don't be afraid to branch out. Take a look at some unique ways to use marble in home design.

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