The Benefits of Sinterlite Slabs by TheSize

July 30, 2011

The recently introduced Sinterlite slabs by the innovative Spanish surface fabricator TheSize carries properties that make this the most durable surface in the industry yet while also having several other advantageous properties.

Lightweight while still remaining thick, the Sinterlite slabs are always smoothly and easily transported and installed. These slabs also come in the largest sizes the industry has ever seen; for designers, this along with the wide range of color options make the possibilities for creativity in application absolutely endless. The material's inherent qualities make it especially ideal for kitchen and bath floors, countertops and walls.

The all natural ceramic based material is %100 impermeable and liquid resistant; this makes it extremely easy to care for and clean as it does not require any special maintaining or cleaning products. Sinterlite is hygienic as it does not give off any toxic substances and does not allow the growth of bacteria, fungus or mould. The slabs are resistant to fire and heat and will not wear, tear or bend. Last but not least, it's environmentally responsible as its productions has little to no impact on the environment, and it can be easily recycled.

Contact Marble and Granite to learn more about our line of Sinterlite slabs by TheSize by calling 877-39-STONE or visiting our showroom in Westwood, Massachusetts.

Information and photos courtesy of TheSize.
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Marble & Granite Introduces New Sinterlite By TheSize

July 25, 2011
Marble and Granite recently celebrated the launch of our new line of Sinterlite by TheSize. We are happy to introduce this new ceramic based material that offers durability and several applications. TheSize is a Spanish surface fabricator that just expanded into the United States, and Marble and Granite is proud to now be one of their distributors. The Size is already well known for their high quality porcelain stoneware building products, and now their Sinterlite kitchen and bath slabs are offering innovation, style and functionality that is sure to make TheSize an international leader in the stone industry.
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