Prized for its unparalleled aesthetic beauty—to the point that many overlook its ability to scratch, stain, and etch. However, by simply using cutting boards and proper sealant, scratching and staining issues can be prevented, and etching is more of a reality.
  • Overview: Marble is a popular choice of different countertop materials.
  • Commercially, any stone that can be polished is also known as marble, with the exception of granite. This includes serpentine, travertine, limestone, and onyx.
  • Often called the “green” marble, serpentine marble is not actually marble but looks very similar and is more stain- and spill-proof than marble.
  • Appearance: Marble comes in a wide variety of colors and with different veining and sizes.
  • Beneficial Features: Natural marble is very hard, making it a versatile choice. Even so, owners must be sure to protect marble from water, spills, and stains.
  • Care Instructions: Clean up any water or spills on marble as quickly as possible and consider adding a sealant. Do not use marble in high traffic areas of the home where dirt, sand or other particles may grind into the marble, which can permanently damage or mark the stone.
  • Never leave a chemical, citric, or acidic item or substance on your marble.
  • Clean marble with a clean, slightly damp cloth and then dry with a soft towel. Avoid bleach, acidic cleaners, or any abrasive household cleaners on marble, as etching and dullness may occur.


Marble has both a scientific and commercial definition. Scientifically, marble was once limestone that achieved metamorphosis from intense pressures and high temperatures within the earth. This altered its crystalline structure and introduced other minerals that produced the valuable colors and veining. Commercially, any stone capable of taking a polish (with the exception of granite) is known as marble. This includes travertine, onyx, serpentine and limestone. Marble is found in the mountainous regions of Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, the U.S., Greece, and among some other countries worldwide.