The Best Surfaces for the Bathroom

The Best Surfaces for the Bathroom

November 28, 2011

To achieve form and function in a new or existing bathroom requires the right materials. Bathroom surfaces must be able to stand up against water, soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics and acetone or alcohol-based liquids. But theses surfaces should also create the look and feel that you want to achieve in the bathroom. From the National Kitchen and Bath Association, here are the most common bathroom surfaces and the pros and cons of each.

Natural Stone
Pros: Water resistant, heat resistant, unique natural appearance
Cons: Cost, requires resealing, possible scratching or staining

Pros: Easy to clean, water resistant, stain resistant
Cons: Possible heat damage, wear and dullness over time

Solid Surface Material
Pros: Little maintenance, durable, repairable
Cons: Possible damage from heat and heavy objects

Ceramic Tile
Pros: Durable, variety of colors and textures
Cons: Grout lines that trap dirt and mildew

Pros: Versatile, natural looking
Cons: Possible water damage, difficult to clean, requires resealing

Photo via NKBA
Photography by Scott McKay Photo
Design by Cheryl Hamilton-Gray, CKD


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