How to Evaluate Your Stone Countertop Installation

How to Evaluate Your Stone Countertop Installation

October 20, 2011

Voila! You are officially the owner of brand new shiny stone countertops! After the installation is complete, it's time to evaluate whether you received the quality job that you paid for. Here is a list of specs to double-check in order to feel confident that you received the proper installation to ensure your countertops will last and look fabulous for generations.

  • All seams are where they should be.

  • Stones are perfectly level.

  • Countertops feel satin smooth, and there are no chips or etches.

  • The edges are polished to the same luster as the surface.

  • If you opted for an undermount sink, the granite overhang should be equal around the whole bowl.

  •  The counters are sealed and actively repelling liquid; to test, splash some water and make sure that the droplets bead up like a freshly waxed car.

  • The installer advised you on how to care and maintain for your stone countertops.

Marble and Granite offers a list of the top fabricators in the stone fabrication industry nationwide right on our website. Search our list of fabricators by entering your zip code to find a fabricator near you that you can trust for a high-quality stone countertop installation.


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