Busting Some Natural Stone Myths

Busting Some Natural Stone Myths

September 14, 2011

As the largest natural stone wholesaler in New England, at Marble and Granite, we know stone.  But as a part of our commitment to provide the highest level of support, we want our customers to know their stone, too. We sought out to find the facts and the myths that homeowners know (or don't know) and that affect their perception of natural stone. With help from the Marble Institute of America, we will attempt to leave no stone myth unturned.

Myth #1: Natural stone is more expensive than all other countertop materials.

  • Prices of natural stone compete with those of quartz surface products or can even be lower.

Myth #2: Natural stone surfaces are higher maintenance.

  • Many types of natural stone do not even require a sealer and are easy to maintain simply with soap and water.

Myth #3: There are other countertop and flooring materials that are more hygienic than natural stone.

  • Based on studies by the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management, natural stone is #1 even prevailing over stainless steel.

Myth #4: Engineered countertops are safer.

  • Radon Safety initiatives have confirmed that consumers have no need to worry about dangerous levels of radon with natural stone countertops countertops.

Myth #5: Because marble and granite is so popular, it will look unoriginal.

  • Every single piece of stone is unique; hence, no two natural stone surfaces will look alike. You guaranteed individuality with natural stone.

See the unique beauty of individual slabs of marble, granite, Caesarstone and other natural stones at the Marble and Granite website.



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