Should You Really Use Marble in the Kitchen?

Should You Really Use Marble in the Kitchen?

September 01, 2011

Photo via Traditional Home

Ever flipped through a design magazine and wondered if those picture-perfect, white marble countertops were better in photography than in reality?

As one of the oldest quarried natural stones, marble was the material of choice before technology popularized granite mining. But even now, marble continues to hold a classic elegance that is unsurpassed by other building materials. Because marble is softer and more porous, it is often misunderstood to be unsuitable for the kitchen. What some see as drawbacks, however, others see as benefits. Those designers and homeowners looking to achieve a genuinely warm look find that the "patinas," or minor scratches and stains, can add to the individual character of the home, like engraved memories.

It is indeed possible to get that designer look plus durability and longevity with the correct cleaners and sealers.  User-friendly and effective, StoneTech Bulletproof is a water-based sealer that grants a 15 year warranty. Homeowners can also have a certified installer apply the solvent-based DryTreat sealer to protect their marble kitchen surfaces.

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A kitchen featuring the Bianco Statuario Marble available at Marble and Granite, Inc.


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