Crema Marfil Marble Tiles Interior Design Trends

Crema Marfil Marble Tiles Interior Design Trends

April 17, 2012

Ranking in high popularity similar to Bianco Carrara marble, Crema Marfil is one of the most commonly used marbles in residential and commercial design. As Stone World defines it, Crema Marfil is a cream colored marble with fine grains and minimal veining that is quarried and produced in Spain. With warmer tones than white marble varieties, Crema Marfil can be used to achieve a wide range of luxury interior design styles from rustic to traditional to modern. For inspiration, here are some beautiful examples from design authorities HGTV and Houzz of Crema Marfil marble interior designs. 
This refined rustic kitchen is completed with a warm Crema Marfil marble tile backsplash.
crema marfil marble designs1 resized 600
By Upscale Construction via Houzz

Elegance is an understatement for this traditional bathroom featuring Crema Marfil marble tile walls against a blue granite sink.
crema marfil marble designs2 resized 600
By Milk and Honey Design via Houzz
The Crema Marfil fireplace surround adds a touch of luxuriousness to this contemporary living room.
crema marfil marble designs3 resized 600
By Jon Mancini via Houzz

This eclectic, Mediterranean style kitchen brings unity to stone and steel materials with a Crema Marfil marble accent wall.
crema marfil marble designs4 resized 600
By Siemasko + Verbridge via Houzz
A Crema Marfil marble vanity top is paired with a natural stone wall in this bathroom to create an old world feel
crema marfil designs5 resized 600
By VickiRDH via HGTV

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