Granite versus marble countertops

Granite versus marble countertops

June 05, 2012

Using natural stone in your kitchen means a few obvious advantages, from a strong and durable surface to an elegant look. But not all materials are quite equal, and picking the right one for your kitchen counter can involve making some decisions about what you need your kitchen to do.

When you’re choosing between granite versus marble countertops, it’s helpful to keep in mind where each material is coming from. Granite, for instance, is formed from molten rock mixed into the Earth’s crust, giving it a dense, tough structure that will resist scratches and stains. It’s become a favorite construction material because of this, with a well-deserved reputation for being built to last.

Marble, on the other hand, is limestone that was partially melted and then recrystallized, making it prized for its wide range of patterns and colors that provide a striking visual mark. This variety provides a striking visual contrast to the rougher patterns to be found in granite, as mineral impurities leave a fine, pattern that gives marble its unique, delicate look.

This elegant style can come at a cost. Natural marble is rarer than granite, and its more complex internal structure calls for a more experienced craftsman to work it. Harder to find and harder to fabricate, marble generally comes with a higher price tag. But the stone itself is softer, and microscopic gaps between the crystals within mean that marble doesn’t have the same resistance to discoloration that granite has to offer. This means your marble countertop will demand more careful maintenance.

Counteredge Solarius Granite Kitchen

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All this hasn’t stopped plenty builders and homeowners from choosing granite for their countertops over the centuries, but you should take a few precautions. A good sealer can fill in the gaps and help to fight off stains. It’s also important to clean up spills quickly, especially citrus or other juices with an acidic content. You can find more at the care and maintenance guide.

However you answer the question of granite versus marble countertops, you’ll be in plenty of good company. Both materials have a long history of decorating homes with stylish, functional surfaces that can last for a life time if properly cared for. You can find more about pricing at the Project Cost Breakdown.

You can compare a variety of different marble options by taking a look at the Marble and Granite website, and find more information on sealers and proper care as well. Take a look for yourself, and see which is right for you.


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