How to Achieve Minimalism with Marble Tiles

How to Achieve Minimalism with Marble Tiles

June 06, 2012

Marble tiles have been used in interiors for centuries, but this does not mean that marble tiles have been limited to more traditional style designs. On the contrary, marble has become one of the most popular materials in modern, minimalist design. Why? Because less is more. As interior designer Pangaea asserts in the "6 principles of Minimalist Design, the key to minimalist design is doing more with less, and the first and most important step in achieving this is to choose high quality materials that can make a statement on their own.
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Marble is undoubtedly a high-quality material that can stand alone. With a rare combination of color and movement, each slab of marble is entirely unique and luxurious in its own way. Notice how these designers used marble tile in various ways to achieve minimalist bathroom designs. For a pure, minimalist bath, start with an all-white palette and add subtle contrast with gray marble tile flooring in a larger more modern version of the simple subway tile design; for added visual interest, arrange the tiles to create movement in various directions for added visual interest.
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Another wonderfully simple minimalist design can be achieved with small rectangular marble tiles in a mosaic pattern as in this shower that becomes a stunning focal point in this sleek minimalist bathroom.  marble tile minimalism 3 resized 600 
Marble with dramatic movement can be employed to achieve bolder minimalism like in this edgy design that combines streamlined elements with eclecticism for a more dynamic aesthetic.  marble tile minimalism 4 resized 600By Toronto Interior Design Group via Houzz 
This final example of minimalist design truly shows the impact marble has when you allow it to stand alone, especially when using marble with heavy, dramatic veining and strong color contrast; With this type of tile you can create a stunning bathroom design consisting of mostly marble and add extra interest and contrast by combining tile patterns, like in this bath that features large square marble tiles and hexagonal marble tiles in a mosaic-like pattern. 

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