The Many Shades of Marble Tiles

The Many Shades of Marble Tiles

June 14, 2012

While you can never go wrong with marble tiles in classic shades of black and white, designers and homeowners should consider the other tones and hues of marble tiles that can enhance interiors. For a recent New England Home feature entitled "Trends & Trendmakers," several designers were asked to name the new and old trends that are prevailing in today's interior designs. When it comes to current trends in floors, walls and finishes, these designers concluded that color ins "in." As New England Home writer Paula M. Bodahput it, "Pastels and neutrals will never vanish, but all the pros agree that color is back in a big way."

This color trend for walls, floors and finishes comes to no surprise as personalized interior designs and eclecticism were noted as prominent, overarching trends in interior designs. From luscious red to pale rose and rich brown to sea green, colorful marble tiles can help you to achieve a customized layered look that maintains sophistication while reflecting your personality. For inspiration, take a look at a few of the different marble tile colors available here at Marble and Granite. 


Rosso Levanto Polished Marble Tile

marble tile colors 1 resized 600



Rosa Portugal Polished Marble Tile

 marble tiles 2


Aldean Sunrise Honed Marble Tile

marble tile colors 3 resized 600


Verde Saltan Polished Marble Tile

marble tile colors 4 resized 600



Cafe Pinta Honed Marble Tile

marble tile colors 5 resized 600



Bordeaux Polished Marble Tile

marble tile colors 6 resized 600


To ensure that you get the exact look of your vision, it's best to see stones in person before deciding on a particular variety of marble tile. Then when it comes time to install, the Marble Institute of America advises designers and homeowners to request that installers lay out all tiles to approve the final arrangement of marble shades and patterns. 

 Marble and Granite has two well-lit, indoor showrooms for our clients to be able to find the perfect marble tile for their projects. Architects, designers and homeowners can also shop marble tile products right here on our online catalog before visiting a showroom or after to make the final purchase. The Marble and Granite online catalog allows you to refine natural stone searches by color, order online and then have products shipped anywhere in the world. Contact one of our stone experts at 877-39-STONE with any questions. 


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