Searching for White Granite Countertops

Searching for White Granite Countertops

May 01, 2012

One of the latest trends in kitchen remodeling and design is the use of more unusual granite colors. While homeowners trended to gravitate towards darker granite with shades of gray, brown, black and tan, times are changing. Now brighter colors like white or so-called ‘super-white’ are increasing in popularity.

Homeowners who like the idea of a white granite countertop should realize that there is no such thing as pure, super white granite. However, there is a wide variety of light-colored granites that have the appearance of white or very light shade of gray or beige.

About Granite

Granite is a natural stone that has many different colors, shades and veins of color. In addition, granite can be treated, polished or finished to create a specific final look as well as increased antibacterial, scratch, heat and stain proof characteristics.

White Granite

Homeowners should not fear white granite the same way they may fear white carpet, which stains and damages very easily. Granite is naturally durable and stain proof. In addition, there are many varying shades of white, from super white granite to granite with darker veins and shades.

For example, Alaskan White has white as the primary color but there are varying shades of gray and black in the stone as well, creating a darker effect.

Alaskan White

London White is a polished granite slab, primarily white, with darker flecks of color sprinkled throughout the stone. The flecks are so small that a super white granite effect is created.

London White

The Blanco Napoleon polished granite slab comes from Brazil and has a white base with thin veins with shades of gray running throughout the stone.

Bianco Napoleon

Another white granite is the Galaxy White from Brazil. The slab is white but long veins of tan, sliver and brown run in thick and thin slopes across the slab.

Galaxy White

If beige and gray shades of white are not quite enough for you, consider the Golden Romano polished granite slab from Brazil. The primary color is white but the slab features thick, golden veins of color that add a great deal of added color and visual interest to the stone.

Golden Romano

Marble and Granite Inc.

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