The Top 5 Natural Stone Tile Patterns

The Top 5 Natural Stone Tile Patterns

May 30, 2012

Whether you are looking to honor a classic tradition or tap into your creative side, natural stone tile lends itself to countless design options. To make it easier for his clients to determine their tile style, interior designer Mark Hermogeno narrows down the most popular tile patterns into five main categories. 

1. Geometric: This includes the simple yet every-popular square grid pattern that never goes out of style. A more modern take on this pattern is the use of rectangular stone tiles on walls and floors. A combination of colors can employed to a grid pattern to achieve an intriguing palette or to add accents. 
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By Christine Suzuki via Houzz

2. Subway style: Inspired by train stations, this style consists of offset rectangular tiles and has evolved into a variety of sub-styles like the modern vertical subway style with thin rectangular tiles in various colors.
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 By Sheila Schmitz via Houzz

3. Classic French: This elegant pattern is achieved with large limestone tiles and black marble cabochons or small diamond cut tiles; it's a true timeless, classic.
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By Sroka Design, Inc. via Houzz

4. Diagonal: Adding dimension and interest, this pattern is simply a grid pattern that is rotated 45 degrees to visually expand walls and floors.
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By NVS Remodeling & Design via Houzz

5. Custom mosaic: Totally unique and made just for you, a custom mosaic pattern can be anything from a particular mixture of different colored natural stone tiles to an intricate mural.
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 By Design Moe Kitchen & Bath via Houzz
No matter what pattern you choose, the only way to truly optimize the form and function of your design is to employ a high quality natural stone tile with beautiful color and texture. Marble and Granite has the largest selection of top quality natural stone tiles in the New England region. Browse our selection of marble, granite and slate tile here on the Marble and Granite website, where you can purchase products directly and have them shipped anywhere in the world. Also, don't forget to take advantage of fabricator finder to locate an accredited fabricator in your area


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