Quartzite, Marble and Granite: Brushed finish is classic yet trendy

Quartzite, Marble and Granite: Brushed finish is classic yet trendy

October 10, 2012

The process of selling marble and granite for countertops and vanities was relatively simple 10-15 years ago. Sales people who have worked in this industry for that long will tell you that majority of customers in those days were happy if they could find a nice Ubatuba, Butterfly, Giallo Ornamental, New Venetian Gold, Tan Brown, Sapphire Blue, Shivakashi, Colombo Juparana, White Carrara etc. Today by contrast we sometimes come across homeowners who go through at least 150 different colors from the most basic to most exotic and are still not sure if they fell in love with something. And the reason is unlimited material options and design ideas available in today's market.

Brushed Finish 1

The unlimited material options are also driving designers and Architects stretch their imaginations to the highest level of creating something fresh and novel. They are designing beautiful spaces wedded to functionality, and there is an increased emphasis on the fact that the end product should also make a statement about the personality of the people who are going to occupy these spaces. 

Though every customer has personal preferences when it comes to choosing marble, granite, quartzite or other natural stones yet they can be broadly divided into two categories. There are customers who would like their countertop look impeccable and "forever young". This group generally goes for a shiny finish because shiny surfaces look lively and sharper. The other group believes that natural aging has a unique charm, elegance and beauty, and this group generally chooses a honed - no shine - or other textured finishes which are termed leathered, brushed or antique. This group is not limited to using granites only. They are open to using quartzites, marbles, soapstones and limestones because a small scratch or blemish here and there does not bother them.

Brushed Finish 2Brushed finish 3

As we notice a growing trend for textured finishes we have added to our inventory few colors that are available in a brushed finish. The terms brushed, leathered and antique are different trade names given to very similar type of textured finish. As far as response to staining due to absorption of liquids is concerned all these finishes - polished, honed, brushed or leathered - respond the same way as long as the surface is sealed with a high quality professional sealer.

These are some of the colors that we have available at present in brushed finish;

Asterix & White Arabesque

Asterix BrushedWhite Arabesque


 Torroncino & Kodiak

TorroncinoKodiak Brushed


 Cambrian Black & Labradorite Multicolor

Cambrian Black AntiqueLabradorite Multicolor


 Bianco Torroncino & Brown Chocolate

Bianco Torroncino BrushedBrown Chocolate Brushed


 Jet Mist & Valley White

Jet Mist Brushed Valley White Brushed

 The creative people - painters, designers, architects - of the world always try to create something different from the norm, something classic yet trendy. The German scientist, Georg Lichtenberg, has rightly said,"Even truth needs to be clad in new garments if it is to appeal to a new age". On a lighter note if we rephrase this quote in the language of stone industry it will sound something like - even stone needs to be clad in a textured finish if it is to appeal to a new age. To gather more information about natural stones and to explore more ideas please feel free to be our guest at http://www.marbleandgranite.com/


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