Tips for Choosing Commercial Floors

Tips for Choosing Commercial Floors

October 30, 2012

When it comes to choosing floors for commercial designs the three most important considerations to make are maintenance, aesthetics and cost. And these three factors are what have made Neolith ceramic slabs a top choice for commercial interior designs. As a ceramic stone, Neolith is available in large slabs - up to 12 x 4 feet - that make Neolith incredibly versatile and perfect for large tile flooring. Because it's available in such large slabs, you can cover large areas without any seams, saving on materials and installation costs. Neolith is also extremely durable and does not require any sealants; it is resistant to liquids, stains and heat. On top of all this, Neolith slabs come in a wide range of colors that can help achieve any style or look. 
Since colors have such a strong affect on atmosphere and people's moods and emotions, you'll want to carefully consider which color you choose for your Neolith commercial floors. As the commercial interior design experts at Mindful Design Consulting say, "Through the style of your interior you want to deliver a specific message, but it's very easy to either support or sabotage your message by using the wrong colors or materials." So to help your decision, here are some of the available Neolith slab colors as well as the message you can send with each individual color. 

White - associated with simplicity, cleanliness and sterility. 
Black - associated with dignity, power and mystery. 
Gray - associated with tranquility and quietness. 
Green and Brown - associated with peacefulness, nature and restfulness. 


To show you some examples, here is a steam room for the lady's locker room at University Club of Boston that was designed with 5mm white Nieve Saltinado Neolith ceramic stone slabs. The crisp white Neolith makes the space feel modern, comfortably clean. 

commercial floors neolith resized 600

In another example, Basalt Gray Neolith tile flooring was used in a DKNY retail store in London. The gray Neolith flooring creates a chic, sophisticated look that allows the vibrant colored clothing to really pop. 


commercial floors neolith 2 resized 600


See more Neolith colors in Marble and Granite's online product catalog. To pick out your Neolith tile flooring in person, visit one of the Marble and Granite showrooms in Milford, Connecticut or Westwood, Massachusetts. 


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