Neolith by TheSize: Bar Renovations

Neolith by TheSize: Bar Renovations

September 19, 2012

There is nothing as pretty as a bar with subtle lighting, a full length mirror with the exotic bottles lined up containing the colorful liquids and a wide, shiny counter to saddle up to. The counter plays an important part, as this is where you center your attention, once in your seat. If it is dingy or scratched, it detracts from the whole setting. You are well aware of the abuse a counter top sees within a given day. If only you could keep the counter from blemishes and have it looking new and beautiful for well over a decade. Well, now you can.

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Outstanding Neolith Qualities

Neolith for bar renovations is your most perfect material. It is strong, impervious to heat, resistant to scratches and looks brand new for an incredibly long time. It is thin, so installation is a breeze, and it need not be replaced for ages.

Folks sitting at the bar drop food, spill wine and generally make messes, often leaving behind unsightly stains that are a bear to remove, if even possible. Neolith by TheSize is easily cleaned. No special materials are required and there is no need for an extra sealer. Bar renovations are costly and normally take quite a bit of time. With Neolith, the bar renovations are amazingly quick. Neolith can be laid on top of nearly any material and hold fast. Shaping is easy, to conform to whatever contours are necessary.

Marble and Granite, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for this amazing material. Browsing through our website will give you all the details that you need for your bar renovations. We host information about installers in your area. We show the wide variety of choices that you can view with a click of a button. And being the largest wholesaler on the east coast, your choices are abundant with us. Should you wish to drop by, we have invested a great deal to make your visit comfortable with plenty of lighting. No need to stumble through open lots in the rain when preparing for your bar renovations!

But do your research. The lowest price is not always the best value, either for materials or for workmanship. We can help guide you along your journey with our vast knowledge of both. So, visit us online or stop by and see for yourself!


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